100 Steps to a Perfect Presentation: Part 1

100 Steps to a Perfect Presentation: Part 1


Find out what you need to look out for in content conception and presentation design.

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Our two new eBooks (part 2 here) offer you 100 exclusive tips for preparing and delivering PowerPoint presentations. Part 1 offers you advice on creating your presentation, from developing the appropriate content to designing compelling slides.

Inhalt dieses 31-seitigen eBooks:Our 31 page eBook contains tips to help you:

Create Your Presentation Content

  • use storytelling
  • Twitter tricks
  • use of quotes
  • call to action
  • create a strong concluding slide and much more

Improve Your Presentation Design

  • color palette ideas
  • image selection
  • use of icons
  • design techniques (Kawasaki, Godin, etc.)
  • mood board and much more

Our eBook provides helpful tips for creating professional and effective PowerPoint presentations. Sign up now in our online shop and download your free copy.