100 Steps to a Perfect Presentation: Part 2

100 Steps to a Perfect Presentation: Part 2


Discover useful performance tricks for your presentation

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In part 1 of our eBook, you learned tips and tricks for creating effective presentation content and design. Part 2 focuses on the art of communicating and connecting with your audience, as well as different ways to repurpose your content.

Our 32 page eBook contains tips to help you:

Become a Successful Presenter

  • body language tips (eye contact, gestures, etc.)
  • pace your speech
  • use your voice effectively
  • how to hold your audience’s attention and much more
Networking After the Presentation
  • gain feedback
  • answer questions
  • make contacts and much more

Repurpose Your Presentation

  • create video
  • use social media
  • pitch your ideas and much more

Download our eBook now to learn 50 expert tips on how to improve your presentation skills and find innovative ways to reuse your slide content.