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Save money with animated presentations and short videos created directly in PowerPoint. We've mastered impressive effects and can link short video clips, sounds and speaker notes to your presentation.

Applications for PowerPoint movies and animations

Thanks to PowerPoint’s flexible format, animated presentations can be used for a variety of communication applications, both online and offline.
Self-Running trade fair
Screened or projected presentations for exhibitions.
Customers experience interactive navigation and engagement in augmented reality.
how-to videos
Instructions and explanatory videos for companies, products or services.
Technical explanations that are simplified as animated PowerPoint slides.
Informative presentations for independent e-learning with animated PowerPoint slides.
Info displays
for point of sales
Customer information or sales promotion through info displays for POS or POI.
in 3D
Three-dimensional representation of your content or PowerPoint presentations.
Interactive presentations with zoom effects in PowerPoint or Prezi.
Self-running Presentations
Ideal for your next trade fair, product launch or roadshow: Self-running presentations can even be played on different monitors simultaneously.
Interactive Touch Presentations
Interactive presentations with navigation are the perfect tool for employee demonstrations, or to help respond to visitors and their information needs.
How-To Videos and Technical Animations
How-to videos don’t have to be created with After Effects or complex video tools. We can create informative animations, product presentations and how-to videos directly in PowerPoint.

Easily Create and Quickly Update with Animated PowerPoint Presentations

Static PowerPoint was yesterday. Today, PowerPoint is a versatile, interactive presentation tool with which you can easily integrate animation effects, hyperlinks, videos, music and speaker notes into your presentations. There are countless new and innovative applications.

The big advantage is the simple customization and upgrading that can be performed at any time. Conventional video productions do not offer these benefits and flexibility.

You can easily distribute high-quality PowerPoint videos and animations in PowerPoint format, or convert to high-resolution videos that can be used in your social media marketing or on other communication platforms such as YouTube and Vimeo.

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