PowerPoint Cockpit Charts and Dashboards

Dashboards, also known as cockpit or dashboard charts, help to clearly present statistical data. They allow you to present several statistics on one page and provide an overview of important project information. Diagrams and tables, as well as graphics such as speedometers, progress bars and symbolic hazard lights, can be used for this purpose.

Dashboards are ideal for presenting business figures and key performance indicators, making them ideal tools for use in sales, finance, production and customer service.

In general, there are two types of dashboards that can be used for different situations:

  1. The Persuasive Dashboard

This dashboard shows a problem and symbolizes the need for action. It also helps to graphically illustrate success or failure.

  1. The Informative Dashboard

This dashboard provides information about the current status of a process. It gives an overview of key figures and progress. In contrast to the first dashboard, the goal is not to convince, but to deliver information effectively.

Choosing the right content for the dashboard is of course essential. Dividing the content into levels provides a clearer overview. This should not be seen as a strict rule, but rather as a guideline:

  • Senior Management Level
    Contains the most important key figures of the project, the KPIs. These are usually financial indicators.
  • Project Management Level
    Includes a variance analysis for the current project, progress charts and risk analyses.
  • Team Level
    This is where you’ll find all project content, technical key figures and how this data is related.

Examples of Cockpit Charts and Dashboards

Here are a few examples to help you understand how you can use them:

Category Content and Appearance

Standard status display


Arrows, traffic lights, speedometers


Content1 DE Dashborads blau


Text fields


Areas for placeholder text


Content2 DE Dashborads blau


Dates & events


Plans, milestones, progress


Content3 DE Dashborads blau




Diagrams, time-based cost curves, forecasts


Content4 DE Dashborads blau


Project progress


Tasks, burn down charts






Team overview, supervisors, overtime, resource availability, capacities


Content6 DE Dashborads blau

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