Free eBook - How to Design Inspiring Presentations

Free eBook - How to Design Inspiring Presentations


Find expert tips on how to create an inspiring presentation from start to finish.

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What are the fundamentals for creating an impressive PowerPoint presentation? Don't be fooled - a great speaker can be visually supported or poorly represented depending on the quality and design of templates.

Are you equipped with the right tools to make your audience jump out of their seats?

Content of this 80-page eBook:

Foundation – Define & Target
Structure – Outline & Logistics
Design Techniques – Color & Typography
Visuals – Images & Infographics
Expert Tips


What’s your purpose? What type of crowd are you talking to? How are you going to get your message to sink in?


Make complex subjects simple and understandable for everyone! Let’s not put the audience to sleep. Oh, and what about design requirements or a logistics check?


Less is more, but you still need to know what “less” is! What colors should you use? What fonts? Contrast? See examples on how to make it beautiful.


Did you know that images are etched into our long-term memory? Read about how to best use visuals in your presentation and make your slides pop beginning, middle and end.

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