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Marketing & Tech Trends 2020 PowerPoint Presentations

The year 2020 will usher in major changes. From a marketing perspective, this means an even stronger focus on the customer. In other words, customer centricity. More personalized content on social media and other platforms is a step in this direction. In addition, chatbots will ensure that customers receive fast, straightforward help and advice online. Companies need to prepare for customers’ increased use of voice search assistants.

2020 will also be a year of technical innovations that will change everyone’s life. Digitalization will continue its fast-paced progression. Everything will be networked and thanks to machine learning, artificial intelligence and automation, machines and robots will be able to perform complex tasks and processes for us. Mobility will become electric and our homes smarter. Our perception will also expand with virtual and augmented reality. Thanks to our templates for marketing and technology trends for 2020, you can present the potential of these new innovations and become an ambassador for the new year.