Product Management

Organize your product management processes and methods with diagrams, matrices, and strategy models. Keep an eye on your competitors and analyze their products with ready-made comparative tables and charts. Our templates help product managers maintain an overview of product costs and supply chains. With UI/UX designs and smartphone mockups, you can present the latest apps and digital products in a modern and appealing way.

Product Management _ Management _

Product Management

ABC and GAP analysis, Stage Gate model, Ansoff Matrix and many other analysis models.

59,00 €*

 (60 Slides)

Product Presentation _ Presentation _

Product Presentation

Presentation to introduce your own physical and digital products

79,00 €*

 (100 Slides)

Product Machine _ Machine _

Product Machine

Varied graphical representations of production operations and flowing work processes.

29,00 €*

 (24 Slides)

Product Life Cycle _ Life Cycle _

Product Life Cycle

Definition, stages, and various graphic representations of the product life cycle

29,00 €*

 (20 Slides)

Project Status Report _ Status Report _

Project Status Report

Collection of timelines, dashboards, graphics, and diagrams to plan and organize your project

39,00 €*

 (36 Slides)

Competitor Analysis _ Analysis _

Competitor Analysis

Cockpit charts, data-driven diagram collection, definitions and market-related analysis tools in one PowerPoint set.

79,00 €*

 (104 Slides)

Product Cost Management _ Cost Management _

Product Cost Management

Definitions, charts and explanations for strategic cost reduction.

59,00 €*

 (48 Slides)

Supply Chain Management _ Chain Management _

Supply Chain Management

Presentation tools such as a SCOR model, roadmap, an organization pyramid and various planning models for supply chain management

69,00 €*

 (72 Slides)


FMEA _ _


Effects on system operations, failure prevention analysis, tables and form sheets.

59,00 €*

 (56 Slides)

UI & UX Design Toolbox _ & UX Design Toolbox _

UI & UX Design Toolbox

Graphics and sample designs for apps and other mobile applications

49,00 €*

 (32 Slides)

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