Product Management PPT Presentations

Product management as part of corporate management organizes the coordination and monitoring of products and services, from conception and development to the product launch on the market. Targeted product management is therefore an important success factor for market placement and increasing sales.

Organize your product management processes and methods with diagrams, matrices, and strategy models. Keep an eye on your competitors and analyze their products with ready-made comparative tables and charts. Our templates help product managers maintain an overview of product costs and supply chains. With UI/UX designs and smartphone mockups, you can present the latest apps and digital products in a modern and appealing way.

Product Management _ Management _

Product Management PowerPoint Template

ABC and GAP analysis, Stage Gate model, Ansoff Matrix and many other analysis models.

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 (60 Slides)

Product Launch Strategy _ Launch Strategy _

Product Launch Strategy PowerPoint Template

Process descriptions, checklists and examples of a product launch strategy Use this PowerPoint template to visualize the launch of your new product.

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 (44 Slides)

Product Presentation _ Presentation _

Product Presentation PowerPoint Template

Presentation to introduce your own physical and digital products

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 (100 Slides)

Product Machine _ Machine _

Product Machine PowerPoint Template

Varied graphical representations of production operations and flowing work processes.

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 (24 Slides)

Manufacturing & Logistics 4.0 _ & Logistics 4.0 _

Manufacturing & Logistics 4.0 PowerPoint Template

Presentation template with graphics and information on the development, goals, and challenges of manufacturing and logistics 4.0

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 (40 Slides)

Product Life Cycle _ Life Cycle _

Product Life Cycle PowerPoint Template

Definition, stages, and various graphic representations of the product life cycle

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 (20 Slides)

Project Status Report _ Status Report _

Project Status Report PowerPoint Template

Collection of timelines, dashboards, graphics, and diagrams to plan and organize your project

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 (36 Slides)

Competitor Analysis _ Analysis _

Competitor Analysis PowerPoint Template

Cockpit charts, data-driven diagram collection, definitions and market-related analysis tools in one PowerPoint set.

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 (104 Slides)


Product Cost Management _ Cost Management _

Product Cost Management PowerPoint Template

Definitions, charts and explanations for strategic cost reduction.

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 (48 Slides)

Supply Chain Management _ Chain Management _

Supply Chain Management PowerPoint Template

Presentation tools such as a SCOR model, roadmap, an organization pyramid and various planning models for supply chain management

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 (72 Slides)

FMEA _ _

FMEA PowerPoint Template

Effects on system operations, failure prevention analysis, tables and form sheets.

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 (56 Slides)

UI & UX Design Toolbox _ & UX Design Toolbox _

UI & UX Design Toolbox PowerPoint Template

Graphics and sample designs for apps and other mobile applications

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 (32 Slides)