4 Points+ to a Fresh CRM Strategy

How do you get your team on board to navigate a first class strategy of Customer Relationship Management? How do get started in developing or updating a CRM strategy? Regardless of your company size, the aim of a great CRM remains the same: to build and manage long-term profitable customer relationships. Three points to get you going or help you change direction.


1. Commit

Get your team onboard about implementing a strong CRM initiative. Come to a consensus agreeing to where your CRM is now and where you want to sail it. Take this as an opportunity for you to put your CRM conundrum together and examine customer touch points. Before you throw everything aloft, do your research. What information is important, to whom and why? What business processes currently seem inefficient to those carrying them out? Get feedback from different teams and their concerns. Keep in touch with the people you talked to as they will be a valuable capital for you down the road.

2. Clarify and Define Operations

Before you can construct a new strategy, figure out the operational changes needed that you noted earlier. Consider the business flow – who needs to know what and when? How do you interact with other departments? How do you plan and execute marketing processes? How is information shared and processed? Your aim is to solidify a standardized sales process based on best practices combined with marketing operations. Define specific business problems that need to be addressed. Aim to synchronize marketing, sales, and services across all customer interaction channels.

 3. Set your Goals and Strategy

Foremost, know who you are serving and what you are trying to achieve! Before you make a new strategy, know the capabilities of your company. Then you can start to identify measurable objectives. Outline how your CRM strategy will impact your company, current operations and customers. Arm yourself with a strategy and then the right technology! For a deeper read check out The big picture: How to build a CRM strategy by Neil Davey.

4. Outline and Present

Once you have worked out your strategy, PRESENT your masterplan to your team. CRM gives a complete overview of how the business interacts with customers on every level. A premium CRM offers better service and allows marketers to interact with customers on a deeper level building stronger relationships.

Bonus Tip:

Don’t completely reinvent the wheel when you’re looking to craft your plan and present it to your team. We recommend PresentationLoad’s Customer Relationship Management PowerPoint, with key points, definitions and information to help you launch off faster than you thought possible, in the most professional design.