New Presentation Tips

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    7 Tips & Learnings from the Apple Keynote

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    Presenting like Steve Jobs: Using 6 of His Proven Techniques – Here’s How It Works!

New Powerpoint-Tips

  • Using the Powerpoint portrait format

    PowerPoint Portrait Format – How to Set Your Presentations on Edge!

  • Change PowerPoint slide format fast and easy

    Change PowerPoint Slide Format: Changing Formats Skilfully and Use them Appropriately!

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    Insert a PDF into PowerPoint: 5 Easy Ways

  • Use PowerPoint SmartArt Tool in Presentations

    PowerPoint SmartArt: The All-In-One Tool for Visuals on Your Slides!

  • Animated GIFs

    Animated GIFs in PowerPoint: Your Tutorial

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    Optimize PowerPoint File Size: 5 Tips for Reducing the Size of Your Files!

New Types of Presentations

  • Strategy Presentation with PowerPoint

    Strategy Presentation: How to Successfully Develop and Communicate Your Corporate Strategies!

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    Introducing Your Team in Company Presentations: 4 Great Ideas!

  • E-Learning PowerPoint Presentations

    PowerPoint E-Learning: With these tips & tricks, you can quickly create your E-Learning presentation!

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    Pitch Presentation: How to Make the Case for Your Idea in Minutes!

  • Company Presentation with PowerPoint

    8 Tips for a Winning Company Presentation

  • Interactive Presentation PowerPoint

    Interactive Presentations – 7 Tips to Help You Shape Them to Meet Your Goals!