Introduce Your Team in Company Presentations

Presentations are excellent opportunities for companies to introduce themselves and their employees to the public. Presentations help to enhance corporate identity and communicate the strengths and performance of a company.

Products are rarely developed by one person alone. Companies should take every opportunity to showcase the team responsible for tomorrow’s innovations. This strengthens the trust of the audience and stakeholders and generates additional public interest.

Here are some techniques to incorporate your team into your presentations:

A Stylish Team Slide that Sets the Right Tone

Content1 EN Team Presentation

The easiest way to introduce your team is to use a team slide. This slide should contain high-quality team photos – either portraits or group shots. Aside from the team members’ names, keep text to a minimum. The most important information should be communicated verbally.

Quotes from the Team

Content2 EN Team Presentation 1.jpg 1

Quotes are another effective way to introduce your team. Give your employees a voice by incorporating their core ideas and statements into your presentation. Team quotes allow you to present the value of your team and highlight each member’s knowledge and expertise. In addition, quotes add variety to your presentation which increases the audience’s interest.

Org Charts to Present Team Structure

Content3 EN Team Presentation2

Org charts provide an overview of your team and the collaborative links between members. They may not be the most visually exciting, but they are effective. Take care not to overload the chart. Just like the team slide, use only high-quality photos of employees and their names. Clarity should be your main focus: Choose a clean and simple design and avoid unnecessary lines and connections.

Introducing your team in presentations is a great way to highlight both the competence of your employees and your leadership skills. It’s a way of recognizing employee contribution which increases team members’ self-confidence and strengthens team cohesion. Although it may only be a single slide, its impact shouldn’t be underestimated.