Better Presentations with PowerPoint Slides in Origami Style

To be honest: What is more exhausting than barren presentations without any pep? Let us add more color to the presentation world. Therefore we are glad to introduce our new slide set with amazing Origami PowerPoint templates.

Origami meets PowerPoint

You want to spice up your speech with unique eye catching graphics that not every speaker uses? Our design team adopted the look of ancient paper-folding art and created templates with an exceptional mixture of Origami motives. Discover elaborate objects and figurines made of paper to present on a completely new level.

We designed a total of 56 Origami graphics slides, so you can choose between several motives and integrate one or more of them in your presentation. Included are motives such as picture frames made of folded paper, numbered agenda lists, speech bubbles, glowing bulbs, letters, numbers, maps, globes, flying birds in Japanese Origami style, paper boats, paper snippets with placeholders four your text, and much more.

Origami PowerPoint

Present success and economic recovery

As a special highlight we completed the slide set with business-related motives that symbolize success and advance such as mountains on which you can place banners. You can easily show milestones and goals of your company in a visually convincing way.

To fetchingly illustrate your company’s competitive power and unique characteristics in comparison with other manufacturers and providers, a loping stallion or a majestic lion could be the perfect choice. Of course, these are just a few options of how you can use these Origami graphics for your presentation. In fact there are no limits to your creativity.


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Images: PresentationLoad