Five Tips for Effective Leadership


Work is in a state of flux. Along with new technical challenges, businesses are also looking to respond properly to social change. Management needs to find a way to adopt social principles and responsibilities into their leadership style.

Rigid, top-down hierarchies have long been discredited. Leading by setting a good example gets far better results. We’ve collected tips to help you be the best leader you can be.

Be goal-oriented

Leaders are either problem-oriented or goal-oriented – the far more effective choice. Always keep the goal in mind and work towards that goal.

Don’t get hung up focusing on problems; try to always keep the overall goal in sight. Remind your team of the goal and try to help them move forward towards this goal. This doesn’t mean you ignore problems; on the contrary, being goal-oriented allows you to solve any problems that arise quickly and efficiently.

Take responsibility

A great leader has the trust and respect of their employees. An important pillar of such trust is taking responsibility. Leading a team means you are responsible for the actions of your team. Always stand by your team, even – especially – when challenged by your superiors. Take the consequences for your team’s actions. This is the only way to earn the respect and trust of your team and an essential step in becoming a great leader.

Share the credit

Whether it´s concluding a successful project or solving a difficult problem, there’s no success without the work done by your team.  True teamwork means you share the credit, that the entire team is recognized. Remember to praise good work whenever you see it and celebrate every success together!

Invest in team development

A good leader knows the importance of discovering and promoting their team’s potential.  It pays to encourage further professional training and qualifications, including being a mentor or coach to your team. Investing in employees’ professional development helps not only them, but your entire company.

Be an excellent communicator

Great communication skills are the key to successful leadership. If you can’t communicate well, you can’t lead well. Committing to improve your communication skills is an absolute must.

Try to be as clear as possible when communicating with your team. Explain goals and ideas with as much clarity and precision as possible.  If you want your team to buy into your corporate strategy and support it, they must first understand it. Aim to be confident and persuasive without being arrogant. Involve your team in decision making, but be ready to make decisions yourself, own them and stand by them.

Good communication also involves listening. Actively listen to your employees and hear what they have to say; they are experts in the work they do.  Some of the best ideas come from those “in the trenches”. Collaborate with your team to structure and shape their ideas into concrete solutions – your business will go from strength to strength!