Images in PowerPoint Presentations: 3 Helpful Tips

Images play an important part in any presentation. Not only the look but also colors and size are of high relevance. Here you will learn more about choosing the right images to have the best possible effect. Just follow three simple suggestions.

Less is More

You may ask yourself how many images or pictures you should place on one slide. Do not use too many images. Your presentation should not look like a photo album of your last vacation, but the images shall emphasize your thesis and statements.

One picture/graphic/chart would be perfect and do not use more than two. This way you channel the audience’s attention and do not confuse with too much information. The more visual stimulations you create the more our brains have to work. Negative side effects: People get tired and distracted.

Bild Foto PowerPoint

The Size Factor

The size of a picture influences its effect immensely. A small image – as pretty as it may be – will not be recognized by your audience. Think in bigger dimensions and make your presentation an elegant and ostentatious experience.

Try and place an image in size of a full slide. You will discover the effect that the presentation immediately appears more appealing and interesting. There is nothing more boring than free and unused space on a presentation slide. But keep in mind that whatever image you are using it should be neutral in colors of white, gray and black.

The Hollywood-Look

Have you noticed that most movies have a certain coloring? Thriller and horror movies often appear in cold colors whereas family movies create a warm atmosphere and make use of a warm coloring (like yellow, orange or sepia colors).

PowerPoint Präsentation Bilder und Grafiken

Hollywood Feeling for Your Presentation:

Convert your image to the 16:9 format (choose 21:9 format if you want the real cinematic look), place it at the center of the slide (source at the bottom) and use the described movie coloring. This will be easier for someone who is already experienced in editing images and graphics. If this is not the case, you will find plenty of examples and a huge collection of pictures on Fotolia and other online shops.

Special Tip: Metaphors

Is your presentation about a very boring and dry topic? To loosen up your performance, use unrelated pictures which illustrate metaphors and analogies.


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