Nine Field Matrix Charts for strategic management in businesses

The market and the growing demands for companies and their services and products change rapidly. The increasing competition is forcing companies and businesses to revise their current orientation or start to think differently after the recession phase.

How can you figure out the best strategy which can target business leads again? Which method can analyze best… … your current economic status? How does a small or mid-sized business face the enormous challenge?

There is plenty of advice and tools to analyze your current market situation. Since not every company sees itself in the position to consider an external consultant for help, we researched on the Internet and rely on proven and promising support. For example the Nine-Field Matrix, according to the consultancy company McKinsey is a clear structured tool that helps you to list all present/available resources, revisable elements and competitive businesses.

Investment recommendations in the strength of the separate business segments can be made based on the nine field matrix. The current competitive strength and the market attractiveness can be compared and easily evaluated.

The evaluation of the separate business segments clarify which segments need to be supported and which segments are negligible positions. These results are important to protect your position on the market or regain your previous position.

This Matrix can be found e.g. as a predesigned PowerPoint Template on the internet. It is a very useful tool for a manager or entrepreneur as a virtual mnemonic while revising the economic situation. Because of the PowerPoint format all your evaluated results can be presented out of the same file.

You can find a template for the implementation of a Nine-Field Matrix here in the shop.