Original Agenda Slides in Various Designs

First impressions are important. This also applies to agenda slides at the beginning of your PowerPoint presentation. Use the following techniques to give your presentation that “wow” factor right from the start.

Agenda slides are often just plain bullet points outlining the presentation structure.  With the right design and layout, these slides have the potential to grab your audience’s attention. Here are two creative options that will start your presentation off on the right foot.

Option 1: Agenda with Images

Content1 Variante1 Agendafolie EN

  • Corresponding pictures can be skillfully combined with text and content.
  • The audience can immediately recognize a clear structure.
  • The topics and their order are easily grasped.

Option 2: Agenda with a Background Image

Content2 Variante2 Agendafolie EN

  • This slide contains a large background image.
  • Note that part of the image will be hidden by the agenda.
  • The agenda can be arranged horizontally or vertically.

Templates for both options can be found in our shop.

  • Our slides can be customized and filled with your own content.
  • Simply copy your text into the existing placeholders. Be careful not to insert too much text. An agenda should always be clear and concise.
  • You can change images by right-clicking on the image and selecting Change Picture in the drop-down menu.
  • You can also crop images. Double-click the image, and under the Picture Tools Format tab, select Crop. Trim the desired area using the black bars around the border. Drag the image to the desired location.

3 final tips for a perfect agenda:

Content3 3Tipps Agendafolie EN

  • Avoid using “Agenda” as the title. Instead, come up with a more exciting alternative to capture the audience’s attention.
  • Streamline your agenda by using images of a uniform style. The colors should also tie together. (Try adjusting color saturation and hue if necessary.)
  • Don’t use too many colors. Instead, opt for different shades from the same color family.