PowerPoint Tip: How to Present to Specific Target Audiences

A convincing PowerPoint presentation is interesting and diverting; especially if the content of the presentation is coined at a specific target audience and caters to their needs. For this reason, some of you might have several similar presentations which only differ from one another by 2-3 slides. If these files are all saved in a common folder, this can lead to some confusion. To keep the data volume at bay, apply this simple but useful tip!

To have a better overview of your various presentations, the PowerPoint function “Custom Slide Show” can be of immense help. When using this function there is no need for tedious “Copy & Pasting” of single slides form one presentation into the other – plus you have all your slides nice and neatly ordered in only one file!

In this tutorial we will show you how to create sub-presentations within your original presentation and guide you through the creation of your own custom designed slide show.


And This Is How You Do It:

Please open the PowerPoint presentation you would like to use as the original (or basic) presentation. It should include all of the relevant slides which you need for your sub-presentations as well.

1)    Now open the menu tab “Slide Show”. Then click on “Custom Slide Show” and go to “Custom Shows”.



2)    In the new window “Custom Shows“, please choose the button “New” to create a sub-presentation.



3)    Now please choose all of the slides which you want to have grouped under a new sub-presentation and click on “Add“. You may also add the slides by double-clicking on each one. In the text field at the top you can choose the name of the new presentation, before you go on by clicking on “OK”.



4)    To close the window, click on “Close“. If you wish to present the new presentation right away, click on “Show”. If you want to continue creating further sub-presentations, just click on “New” and start over.


How to Present a Custom Show Properly

1)    To present a custom show correctly, please open the tab “Slide Show” and go to “Set Up Slide Show”.



2)    In the new window you can choose which presentation you want to use in the menu “Show slides” and “Custom Show”. In the dropdown menu you can now pick the presentation you want to show before clicking “OK”.



Note: Do not be confused by the fact that all of the slides are visible in your PowerPoint presentation. The custom show modus chooses the right slides out of your original presentation and will not show the slides which are not grouped under your specific custom show.

3)    To start the presentation, press the key F5 or choose “From Beginning” under the tab “Slide Show”.



featured image: © LUCKAS / Fotolia.com