How to choose the right PowerPoint title for your Presentations

The PowerPoint Title Slide: 6 Tips on how to Find the Right PowerPoint Title!

Many of you might be aware: finding a matching title for your slides can be a challenge. The title says a lot about your presentation and is the first crucial aspect of whether your audience will pay attention to you or not.

In this article, we will show you how to find a good title for your presentation.

Why is a good PowerPoint title important?

Many presentations start with an unexciting title like “Company Presentation”, “Strategy Meeting XY” or similar. These are descriptive but empty words without added value for your target group and your potential clientele.

Your goal should be to capture your audience’s attention with your title. Based on a title or a headline, the audience decides within seconds whether they are interested or not.

If you bore your audience with a little thought-out PowerPoint title from the start, the chances for a sale of your product/your service look rather bad. This is the only way you have a chance to sell your product/service.

What should a good PowerPoint title do?

Devote as much time to maturing an appropriate title as you do to the rest of the presentation creation. Keep the following aspects in mind when developing your PowerPoint title:

A good title should:

  • Make it quick and easy to understand what the presentation is about
  • Make the audience curious about the presentation topic
  • Contain the core message of your presentation
  • Communicate the benefits to your audience

6 tips on how to find the right PowerPoint title

Below we have listed some tips and tricks for you on how to develop an effective title for your purposes.

#1: Think customer oriented

Remember that you are not developing the title for yourself, but for your audience. After all, you know what content will be conveyed, but your audience does not. The PowerPoint title must speak directly to your audience and also suit you, so that they become curious about the following presentation. This is how you manage to get attention.

Accordingly, you should know your target audience exactly and tailor the title appropriately.

#2: Use questions in your PowerPoint title

Why not use a question as a title instead of a statement? The question should obviously fit the topic of the presentation in terms of content, so that it remains relevant.

You can use the following questions – “What”, “Why”, “How” or “When” as a guide. Build these into the title as well.

By posing the question and not yet answering it, curiosity will automatically arise in the audience.

#3: Be precise

The title of your presentation must be relevant. To get to the heart of this relevance in the title, pick out the most important point of your presentation and build the title around this aspect.

#4: Short and to the point

Nobody wants to read long titles. As mentioned in #3, the point is to make a precise statement. However, this should not be explained in endless words in the title but broken down to a few words with a creative title.

Tips on the length of headlines can be found in the article “The ideal length for Headlines“.

#5: Arouse curiosity

A poorly thought-out title will quickly bore your audience and is guaranteed not to lead to sales. Make the title as exciting as possible, include words that will pique the audience’s interest or spark curiosity.

Pay attention to the emotional level as well. If you manage to include emotional elements such as wit, surprise or inspiration in your titles, you are guaranteed to attract attention.

#6: Include extra elements

Depending on your target audience, it may be beneficial to add small icons to your PowerPoint title. This has a visually appealing effect and makes your content more interesting. In addition, images always generate emotions that automatically make people pay attention.

However, think carefully about whether it fits into your presentation. In important presentations to business executives, you should leave out icons.

Further information on the correct use of icons can be found in the article “PowerPoint Icons“. Feel free to use icons from PresentationLoad!

Conclusion: Finding the right PowerPoint title

With the right title for your presentation, you can introduce a successful talk. Choose it wisely and sell your presentation skillfully.

If you follow our tips, the title will manage to combine interest, attention and curiosity and help your audience to engage with your topic.

Do you have questions about the PowerPoint title? Feel free to contact us by mail at [email protected]. We are always happy to help!

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