Make Your Audience the Hero of Your Story!

Storytelling: Make your audience the hero

Think of it metaphorically: Your audience is the hero of your story. Help your viewers, guide them, and they will follow you anywhere. No matter what story you tell, your goal should be to assist the hero – your audience.

The metaphor shows us that listeners want to be involved, they want to feel like they are part of the story, your presentation. The hero of your presentation is never yourself. If that’s the case, your audience will turn away. The hero of your presentation is always the audience.

Only by involving your audience and putting their needs at the forefront can you achieve your goals.

Using storytelling to make your audience the hero of your presentation

Chad Hodge, an American screenwriter and producer known for creating TV dramas such as Runaway, The Playboy Club, Wayward Pines, and Good Behavior, once said:

“Business speakers should help their audience see themselves as the hero of the story, whether it’s about defeating the villains or achieving a major business goal.”

Chad Hodge

The goal is to “paint a picture of what success looks like,” he added. “That can be anything from personal fulfillment to career advancement to changing the world.”

To achieve this, Hodge recommends starting with a “credible character” that the audience can identify with. “Someone they can root for and wish success upon,” he said.

Once you have your protagonist, you need to put them in a challenging situation. This is where the audience begins to see themselves in the story. “The more relatable the challenge, the more engaged the audience will be,” he said.

Finally, you need to offer a solution that satisfies your audience. “It should be something they can aspire to,” Hodge said. This is where your product or idea presentation comes in. Present it as the solution to the challenge. Make your product appealing by seamlessly incorporating it into your story.

By following these steps, you can create a company story that resonates with your audience and helps them see themselves as the hero.

Your audience is on their own journey, and they need someone to guide them along the way. They need someone to show them the path. And that’s where you come in. Everyone wants to be a star or at least feel like the story is about them personally.

Make youe audience the hero

Tips to better convey information

One of the main objectives of your presentation is to help the hero, your audience, by providing information or knowledge that can positively change their lives. Skillfully package your product as a solution to their problems.

The steps to solve this problem are simple:

  1. Understand who your audience is.
  2. Make them the hero of your story.
  3. Engage with them.
  4. Guide them through your story.
  5. Let them know what they can learn from you.

You can accomplish this by sharing a personal experience or by urging them to take action (call to action). Whatever approach you choose, make sure to connect with your audience on a human level. They will appreciate it and learn from you as a result.

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