The Power of Words: An Efficient Use of Quotes

To be as convincing and impressive as possible, not only a perfect outlook of your presentation is recommended, but also an adequate use of phrases, keywords and proverbs. Widely known proverbs or quotes provoke certain connotations in your audience and help you to make powerful statements. Deliver an unforgettable performance by following some simple suggestions.

Passion Is the Key

Every topic is as exciting or as boring as you make it. If you have passion for what you are talking about, you will convince in every aspect. Goal of any presentation should be to share one’s passion and to make it as contagious as possible. Therefore, a competent use of words is absolutely indispensable.

Whether you want to sell a product, attract new clients or present business numbers and figures, a well-prepared lecturer appeals to the logos as well as to the pathos. Best way to do so is by placing quotes masterly. This will finish your presentation professionally and emphasize your credibility. Nobody will argue with something Aristotle had already determined two thousand years ago.

Place Quotes Effectively

Emphasizing your own statements with a quote of a world-famous writer, philosopher or politician is a powerful tool and can be the last finish for an outstanding presentation. By using quotes you can be more convincing, make a sophisticated impression or simply create a less formal atmosphere.

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Which quotes are adequately?

There are many options where to find the perfect quote. You can choose words of a famous athlete, politician, writer, artist or even musician. The important aspect here is that it emphasizes what you wish to transmit and that it suits your presentation and also your audience.

If you are holding a presentation in a very formal atmosphere, you rather take a quote from a person with a reasonable credibility – such as a politician or a philosopher. When you have a young, open-minded and informal auditorium, a quote of a famous artist or musician will be more appropriate.

Part of your performance is to lecture and to entertain. If you apply elements that ease the atmosphere in a moderate way, you are on the right track. The keyword here is moderately. Keep in mind to stay modest and sensible for what your audience requires and you will keep your appearance of professionalism.

Where to place quotes?

Here you can consider different possibilities. Popular options are right at the beginning of a presentation or to close your performance with a quote that summarizes your philosophy.

By placing a quote at the beginning of the presentation, the audience’s attention can be lead into one direction and you benefit from making an erudite impression right from the start. By using a quote to close your presentation, you can avoid the overused phrase “Thank You for Your Attention” and finish with a well-grounded statement.


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