Use Testimonials in Presentations for more Credibility!

Use a testimonial in your presentation

If you’re like most people, you’ve probably attended a presentation where the speaker used testimonials. And you probably thought to yourself, “Why on earth is time being wasted showing us this? We’re not here to watch a commercial!”

Now it turns out there is actually a science behind why recommendations can be effective in presentations. Think about this when you’re considering a purchase: What carries more weight? An ad telling you how great a product is, or a testimonial from a satisfied customer or client? People influence other people!

People buy from people

Who doesn’t read reviews before buying something?

Social proof is important, especially in the eCommerce industry. People buy from people. That’s why it’s important to give your products a human touch.

Try to close your deals with a lead. This will lead to more conversations and increase your sales. Some testimonials from your previous clients can be the catalyst here that gets everything going.

So, what makes your service or product stand out from the competition? A testimonial. This convinces other people to give it a try and works as word of mouth.

#1: Goals achieved

Use testimonials to show that your products or services have helped other people achieve their goals. This is a great way to build trust with your audience.

#2: Advantages

Use testimonials to illustrate the benefits of your products or services. This can help your audience see how your offerings can improve their lives.

#3: What makes you unique?

Use testimonials to highlight what makes your company or business unique. This can help you stand out from the competition.

“Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted recommendation influences people more than the actual advertising message.”
– Mark Zuckerberg

Testimonials: These 4 types exist

There are four different types of testimonials you can use to make your corporate or business presentation more effective. Below we present them to you:

#1: Services and numbers

Use testimonials to show that your products or services have helped other people achieve their goals. This is a great way to build trust with your audience.

#2: Ratings and reviews

Reviews of your product can be based on customer reviews from websites such as Google Reviews, Trustpilot or Trusted Shops. Credibility is especially important when choosing a source.

Testimonial for Presentations: Use Ratings and Reviews

#3: Customer logos

If you want to add a touch of professionalism to your company presentation, incorporating customer logos is a good idea. This shows your audience that you are credible and have satisfied clientele who will vouch for you.

However, be sure to get permission to use the clientele’s logo beforehand. So once you have done that and have the client’s permission, don’t hesitate to the company in your next presentation.

Testimonial in Presentations: Use Customer Logos

#4: Customer credentials and quotes

Finally, add 2-3 quotes and reviews from real, named buyers of your company. People trust other people far more than they trust companies. That’s why testimonials can be a powerful marketing and sales tool. A testimonial is a first-hand account of another person’s experience with your product or service.

Testimonial in Presentations: Use Customer credentials and quotes

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How to get customer testimonials:

The referral feature on LinkedIn, for example, can be a great way to collect positive reviews from your clientele. If you receive a good recommendation, ask them if you can use it in your business presentations or on your website. This can help build trust and credibility with potential new prospects.

Letters of recommendation are an important factor in the implementation of your marketing

They can be used in two ways: as social proof or to add credibility to your message. When used effectively, such testimonials can add credibility to your presentation and make your arguments more effective. So don’t be afraid to use them!

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