Why you should use white space on PPT Slides

Why You Should Make Sure to have White Space on Your Slides: 5 Advantages!

You have probably experienced it before: You are watching a presentation and the slides are full of content. So full, that your attention fades with every minute and you can’t help but wish that the presentation is over soon.

Find out in this article, why you should always ensure that your slides contain enough white space and what the advantages of white space are!

What is white space?

#1: Easier to read

If the text on your slides stands out from the background, it is easier for your audience to read the text. White space therefore relieves the viewers’ eyes.

Another tip, to ensure that your text stands out from the background on your slides, is choosing a dark background. You can find out more on this in our article on “PowerPoint Backgrounds”.

White Space reference
You can find more references with white space here: https://www.presentationload.com/our-projects/

#2: Better structure of contents

White space helps our brain separate contents from each other. Thus, white space creates a better design hierarchy, and it becomes easier to group different content.

#3: Focus on the key message

Thanks to a better structure of contents, you can also control the focus of your audience better. Using white space allows you to focus on important elements such as headings and key messages.

Find out more on how to control your audience’s attention with the right key message in our article on “Key Messages in Presentations”.

Reference PowerPoint White Space Slide
You can find more references with white space here: https://www.presentationload.com/our-projects/

#4: Higher attention

As you probably know from experience, PowerPoint slides with too much text and too many visual elements often seem too overloaded. Overcrowded slides, however, quickly overwhelm your audience and they lose focus. Including a sufficient amount of white space, therefore, ensures that your audience’s attention is higher.

You can find further tips on how to control your audience’s attention in our blog article on “9 useful tips for getting attention right from the start”.

#5: Professional Design

If you manage to get the right balance between the different elements on your slides, your presentation seems more harmonious. White space makes your presentation looks professional.

Conclusion: White space for more professionality on your slides!

White space allows you to not only visually highlight your topics, but at the same time ensures that your audience doesn’t digress and remembers your presentation even after you’ve finished.

Do you have any questions regarding white space or PowerPoint in general? Feel free to contact us via email at [email protected]. We will be happy to help!

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