Why Emotions Motivate People – Use Emotions in Presentations!

Use Emotions in Presentations

You may already be aware that information and facts are better conveyed through emotions. Nobody enjoys listening to monotonous monologues or dry information.

Consider the following points and reflect on them:

What is your product or service?

What does your product do or achieve?

How does the product make you feel?

While the first two points may be important, they can be answered with just a word or two. However, the third question requires your audience to introspect and think deeply. Only then can you establish a connection between your product and the emotions of your audience.

Think, for example, about a customer testimonial. In a compelling testimonial, potential customers read about people who have faced the same problem they are currently experiencing.

In this case, the audience sees that someone else has felt the same frustrations. The testimonial shows that there are other people who have struggled with the same problem. Both the audience and the individuals in the testimonial have gone through the same process of searching for a solution.

Storytelling instead of testimonial: evoking emotions

Instead of relying on testimonials, you can also use storytelling to evoke emotions and engage your audience. If you don’t have testimonials available, you can ask your prospects to imagine themselves in a specific situation. Describe a scenario that illustrates how your product or service will improve their situation.

Incorporating visuals in your presentation can be helpful in hinting at a particular story and making it easier for the audience to imagine themselves in different situations.

At the end of your story, create a magical moment where your audience sees how your product or service solves the protagonist’s problem.

For more tips on using storytelling to captivate your audience and convince them about your product, take a look at our blog article on “Storytelling.”

Mirror neurons – Feel your success!

Use emotions in presentations

When you, as a presenter, see how your product or service makes your audience’s work easier, you yourself feel the emotions you see!

This phenomenon is related to mirror neurons, which means that simply by observing emotions, certain nerve cells are activated. This causes you, as the storyteller, to also feel the audience’s relief and joy.

By using storytelling and emotions, you can create a connection with your audience!

If you have any questions about presenting with emotions, feel free to contact us at [email protected]. We are here to help!

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