What is Your Unique Brand Story?

tell your unique brand story

Your brand and company history are what makes your company unique.

Your company story is the story of how your company started, the challenges it faced and how you overcame them. Furthermore, this story can be one of the reasons why customers choose you and not one of your competitors.

But: Much of the content found in corporate presentations is interchangeable and not very understandable. For this reason, it can be difficult to distinguish one company’s message from another. Boring texts neither inspire your employees nor gain your customers’ trust.

So, take a look at your own company history and write it down in inspiring, exciting words!

Why does your company exist? What is your mission? What triggered you to start your business? What were the beginnings like? What strengths have emerged and what problems do you solve?

Is there a common thread in all of this?

tell your brand story

The answers to all these questions form a unique brand story, that works better than just empty words.

Your company was formed with the mission to offer solutions to problems or to fill a gap in the market. Over time, your company developed strengths and became known for excellence in certain areas.

Your audience will be excited and motivated when you connect your founding story to your mission. This gives you the chance to form deeper connections with your audience and improve your network whilst showing what makes your company stand out.

By sharing your unique brand story, you can build trust and loyalty and gain followers who will tell others about your company.

what is your unique brand story

Chris Winfield, an expert for corporate relations, defined four distinct moments in his stories: 

#1: Problem: For years, he struggled with working too much and not being able to enjoy his life.

#2: Realization: In March 2013, a company he co-founded imploded, and he was forced to put his life on the line.

#3: Reparations: He learned that it was possible to change his life step-by-step. Small changes can make a big impact on a happy, fulfilling, and successful life.

#4: Mission: Chris wants to give everyone he works with, the chance to work less and achieve more so they can live their lives how they want.

What is your unique brand story?

Presenting company history with PowerPoint

In the business sector, you may need to create a company presentation in order to sell your product or idea or to generally attract interested parties. This can also include your company history.

Here you can highlight all the points that make your company stand out from the competition and what makes you special as a company. Also introduce yourself and your team, show your missions and values and any other relevant points for your company.

You can find further tips in our “Company presentation article“.

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