PowerPoint Tips

Professional PowerPoint tips on how to use PowerPoint, functions, features and application examples. Save time and learn to create your presentations more effectively. With over 25 years of experience, we know exactly what is important when using PowerPoint in everyday business. Achieve your goals faster and work more productively with Microsoft PowerPoint.

Use the many different editing options in PowerPoint for your (business) presentations. Take advantage of the simple user interface, edit, and enhance your presentations in a timesaving and skillful way. Put together your presentation professionally with PowerPoint tips and stay in your listeners’ minds after the presentation.

  • Using the Powerpoint portrait format

    PowerPoint Portrait Format – How to Set Your Presentations on Edge!

  • Change PowerPoint slide format fast and easy

    Change PowerPoint Slide Format: Changing Formats Skilfully and Use them Appropriately!

  • tutorial: insert pdf in powerpoint

    Insert a PDF into PowerPoint: 5 Easy Ways

  • Use PowerPoint SmartArt Tool in Presentations

    PowerPoint SmartArt: The All-In-One Tool for Visuals on Your Slides!

  • Animated GIFs

    Animated GIFs in PowerPoint: Your Tutorial

  • Header filesize NEU 1

    Optimize PowerPoint File Size: 5 Tips for Reducing the Size of Your Files!

  • animations for ppt

    PowerPoint Animations: Create Accents in Your Presentation

  • Header EN progress bar

    Create Progress Bars in PowerPoint: How to do it quickly and easily – 2 Methods!

  • Use PowerPoint Trigger to control your audience

    PowerPoint Triggers – Control Your Audience’s Attention!

  • Create an Organizational Chart in PowerPoint

    Creating an Organizational Chart in PowerPoint – Simplifying Complex Structures: Here’s How!

  • Create your own shapes in PowerPoint 2 Methods

    Creating Your Own Shapes in PowerPoint – 2 Easy Methods

  • Animations on the slide master and triggers

    Animations and Triggers on the Slide Master: The Expert Guide!