Highlight Relations with PowerPoint 3D Puzzle Cubes

The Dice – A Symbol of Eternity

Think of dice. What pictures or words come to your mind? For most people images and words of board games, gambling, socializing and joy take form in front of their inner eye. But some also think of wholeness: the game of life, the inevitable, unchangeable, steady and consistent. In short: since antiquity the dice stand for perpetuity and eternity.

As a very positive and meaningful symbol, the cube or dice are a perfect form to visually highlight a cooperation, relationships, networks or important company visions and goals in a PowerPoint presentation.

With this in mind we have created a special PowerPoint template set for you: the elaborately designed 3D Puzzle Cubes will enhance the visual side of your presentation and help you present connections, developments and team structures, networks with partners or business locations even more clearly.

Versatile Design Options

With the combination of the cubes and their puzzle pieces in various different configurations you can present your message with a great visual effect. The set includes 28 PowerPoint slides with cube templates in multiple design variants – giving you a big assortment of possibilities to choose from.

PowerPoint 3D Puzzle Cubes

You can, for example, show your own company’s market position in comparison to other competitors by giving each company a cube in a different size. Or choose to show different sides of one problem by writing each component of the problem on one of the cube sides. Furthermore, the special puzzle structure of the cubes is helpful to present how different team members need to interact to tackle a problem or how contrasting developments influence one another.

You can also change the colors according to your requirements: each puzzle piece can be adapted even in its shadow-effect. You can, of course, also choose one color for the entire cube –let your creativity run free. Also, a great design effect can be achieved if instead of using the common bar graphs you use the puzzle cube graphs in a diagram.

As always, we have created the set very user-friendly – with just a few clicks you can integrate the slides into your own existing PowerPoint presentation. You only need to add your own text and content before presenting with a well-rounded presentation.

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