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Custom Animation Service_001

Custom Animation Service

(1 PowerPoint Slides)

Art.No.: CS1000

49,00 EUR

Customization services for PowerPoint animations

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We adjust the animations on 10 slides to your individual requirements

Because creating, customizing and modifying animations is mainly recommended for experienced PowerPoint user. Therefor we offer an appropriate optional design service for only 49 ¤. This includes the adaptation of animations up to 10 slides from the sets D2570, D2572 and D2574.

Example 1: The set D2570 includes an animated pyramid with 4 layers but you need an animated pyramid with only three. Our design service can adjust this slide for you.

Example 2: On slide 12 of the set D2570 you have spheres rolling from right to left of the slide but you need them to roll from left to right.

* This offer applies only in relation to the sets "D2570 Animated Charts Collection", "D2572 Animated 3D Images" and "D2574 Animated Display Screens".

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