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Customer Animation Service

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49,00 EUR/per slide

49,00 EUR

Customer Animation Service

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We Adjust Animations According to Your Requirements

Advanced modifications on PowerPoint animations is not always an easy thing to do. To simplify your professional life, we offer a Design Service and adjust your PowerPoint animations. We edit up to 10 slides and charge you a small service fee of 49€. This service is available for templates D2570, D2572 and D2574.

1.    You decide for set D2570 and wish to have a pyramid with three layers instead of four. We customize the animations accordingly.
2.    The sphere in set D2570 rolls from right to left, but left to right would be better for you. No problem.

*This offer is only available for sets D2570 “Animated Charts Collection”, D2572 “Animated 3D Images” and D2574 “Animated Display Screens”

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