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Our Team

We are PresentationLoad

Our team consists of creative communication experts who make us what we are today. PresentationLoad is a company with the passion for excellent presentations and information design, fundamental value and a common mission: to make presentations extraordinary. We are an owner-managed agency that supplies top-ranking concept, text and design expertise.

Tom Becker-Schweitzer

CEO / Managing director



Alexander Christmann

Head of Consulting and Administration / COO

Dana Carina Wilhelm

Head of Sales / Senior Key Account Manager

Michell Hübbe

Senior Key Account / Customer Success Manager

Hugo Almeida

Jessica Sophie Baumann

Idaie Berisha

Britta Böhler

Moritz Bulla

Eva Daugsch

Jonas Felsch

Stephanie Grimmiger

Kerstin Klein

Nathalie Licht

Manuel Matuk Ruth

Annika Melzer

Elke Müller

Laura Palmarola

Karen Pfennig

Anna-Lena Reimann

Trish Roach

Jana Sabel

Simone Schweitzer

Annika Seuffert

Sylwia Tokarz