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Compelling charts and graphs that display figures, survey results and analyses. We'll create professional graphics to match your corporate design and current design trends.

Infographic applications

Complex relationships, processes or analysis can be presented with simplified graphics.
Infographics are shared more often and get more responses on social networks.
Infographics are becoming the perfect medium for modern newsletters as visual demand grows.
Infographics are suitable for annual reports, brochures, flyers, whitepapers, blogs and company websites

Infographic Service

One page infographics
Landscape layout with 1 to 5 info points per page. Page format A4, 4:3 or 16:9 compatible for presentations and screen displays.
Infographic banners
Banner in portrait layout with 5 to 15 info points. The infographic is typically in PDF or image format, perfect for web and social media.
Corporate infographics
Infographics for corporate publishing as high-resolution vector files. We can also deliver them in Adobe Illustrator and InDesign file formats.

Infographic Benefits

Consolidated information can help you engage your audience. Infographics quickly illustrate interrelations, helping you reach more people with entertaining and quality content. Infographics increase web attention and effectively replace generic stock pictures in central campaign themes and print media.

Information specifically designed for your target group increases the chances of going viral. The ease by which infographics can be shared on platforms such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Xing, LinkedIn and Slideshare, makes them the ideal tool for spreading your message and brand statement.

Allow infographics to play an important role in your content marketing strategy and search engine optimization.

Our experts in information design create customized infographics and business charts with facts, figures, timelines, process diagrams, maps and icons.

Why PresentationLoad?

An experienced team of information designers and creators specializing in the editorial preparation and presentation of information and data.
Design Quality
Get the best professional result in information design: You'll benefit from an experienced creative team that can implement even the most abstract figures into appealing graphics.
Analytical Understanding
Our team specializes in visualizing and explaining complex content.
Price / Performance
We calculate fair and transparent daily rates providing a reasonable price-performance ratio.

Our clients

Market leaders and some of the world's best known companies rely on PresentationLoad.


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