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We work with you to determine your goals. With a storyboard and a strong core message, we can begin to develop your slides. The result is a presentation that perfectly represents your brand.

Captivate with the Art of Storytelling

Storytelling is one of the most successful methods to convey brand content and core messages. We’ll create something meaningful that your viewers will remember long after the presentation.

We first take a look at your brand, products and target audience. This is how unique presentations are born. Our customers continue to be satisfied with this approach.

Let us write your story: Our consultants are available by email, over the phone or via online coachings.

Our consultation services

Content & structure
Layout, storyline, core messages and style.
Corporate design
Create concepts that match your brand.
Leading technology
Master layouts for PowerPoint and optimal settings for end users.
Valuable coachings
Consulting services via conference calls or online training.

PowerPoint, the Channel for Communication

Presentations are becoming more and more indispensable in the workplace, both internally and externally. We support you in properly selecting content and design elements for all PowerPoint uses by:

  • brainstorming the structure and storyline
  • centering around your brand
  • focusing on your corporate design requirements
  • designing templates, layouts, infographics and charts
  • creating PowerPoint style guides
  • research and development of imagery and key visuals
  • providing slide libraries, slide management and productivity options
  • inventing innovative solutions with interaction, navigation and videos
  • formulating PowerPoint animations and cinematic sequences
Consultation and Coaching Directly From the Professionals
Fit for the ultimate Presentation: with PowerPoint Design Expert, Tom Becker-Schweitzer
As founder, CEO and Creative Director of PresentationLoad, Tom Becker-Schweitzer is one of the most accomplished specialists in his field. For over the past 20 years, he has been designing countless customer presentations for numerous industries. The presentation techniques and lecture psychology he offers are unmatched. Clients benefit from his exceptional design skills and wealth of ideas.
Even the best idea won't move you forward unless it convinces your audience.
Tom Becker-Schweitzer

Our clients

Market leaders and some of the world's best known companies rely on PresentationLoad.


Questions about consulting?

How can we be of assistance? Together with your design, we can develop the perfect presentation. We'll gladly provide a no-obligation consultation for your project. Please don't hesitate to contact us.
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CEO, Creative Director

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