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All products on the websites of PresentationLoad are under copyright protection. This includes all PowerPoint templates as well as diagrams, graphics, backgrounds, maps and flag icons attached to the templates and also digital signage, texts, images, banners, slides, layouts, objects and animations (the “products”).

The reproduction, public access, dissemination and processing of these products is except for the expressed authorized usage in the terms and conditions of PresentationLoad without the definitively expressed written consent of PresentationLoad not allowed and can be punished if necessary.

Note: PresentationLoad is protecting its rights vigorously, in both civil and competition law as well as necessary criminal proceedings against any infringement of copyrights and trademarks. The term "PresentationLoad" is protected by trademark. If you are not sure whether the envisaged usage of the products violates our rights, or you are (for example as an agency) interested to receive a permit for the recovery of our products (to the extent of use of the terms beyond), please feel free to contact

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