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Save time and enhance presentation quality: The slide library contains master slides and a toolbox featuring layouts, charts, images and icons already part of your corporate design and tailored perfectly to your PowerPoint template.

Toolbox Saves Formatting Effort

In the PresentationLoad slide library, you‘ll find a collection of high-quality PowerPoint layouts, graphics, diagrams, images, icons and maps. All tools are adapted to meet your corporate design or specific content requirements.

Create more consistent presentations with the PowerPoint slide library. Compile documents faster and eliminate formatting work and changes. Everything you need is at your fingertips.

Your team will be more productive concentrating on content, rather than design. Your presentations will be more consistent and the easy-to-create visuals will engage your audience.

Pre-fabricated elements allow for company-wide consistent design.
Make slides up to
80% faster
Create more efficient content and save time with our sample slide toolbox.
Professional design
Brainstorm new ideas through our sample slides.
No additional
software needed
Our PowerPoint-based solutions eliminate the need for add-ins and software.

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Market leaders and some of the world's best known companies rely on PresentationLoad.


Questions about creating your slide library?

How can we be of assistance? We‘ll gladly design and create an individual and time-saving slide toolbox specified to your corporate design. Feel free to contact us.
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