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The style guide lists the most important requirements for creating PowerPoint presentations. Each employee works according to the same guidelines. Resulting in a consistent corporate design. You’ll save time and improve the quality of your presentations.

The Style Guide That Fits Your Business

You and your staff will receive easy-to-use personalized guidelines for creating presentations tailored to your corporate design and brand. These include descriptions of existing sample layouts and slide libraries as well as predefined colors, fonts and layouts for all possible applications.

We can introduce the style guide to your company in combination with a new PowerPoint slide master, a kick-off event and staff training. This ensures the style guides are already integrated into the master thus preventing editing conflicts.

Along with clear best-practice examples, our style guides provide a list of dos and don'ts that can be easily implemented by every employee.

Corporate design
All basic CI elements such as grid, layout, fonts and colors.
Templates and
master layouts
Precise instructions for handling your templates and master layout.
dos and don‘ts
Examples of well-designed presentation slides in your corporate design.
PowerPoint tips
from professionals
Additional professional tips for media integration and optimal settings.

Our clients

Market leaders and some of the world's best known companies rely on PresentationLoad.


Questions About the PowerPoint Style Guide?

How can we help you? We’ll supply your company with personalized and easy-to-use guidelines to help you create presentations customized to your corporate design and brand. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.
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