PowerPoint Map Templates – Australia

Australia: country, continent, and member state of the Commonwealth of Nations. Most of Australia’s 24 million inhabitants live along its coastal regions. The world-famous Outback, comprising of desert and semi-arid regions, dominates its interior. Comprising of six states and ten federal territories, Australia enjoys one of the highest economic growth rates among OECD countries.

The maps in our premium PowerPoint templates provide an overview of the most important regions, states and cities, including:

•    Adelaide
•    Alice Springs
•    Cairns
•    Darwin
•    Geraldton
•    Hobart
•    Melbourne
•    New South Wales
•    Newcastle
•    The Northern Territory
•    Perth
•    Queensland
•    South Australia
•    Sydney
•    Tasmania
•    West Australia

Australia _https://www.presentationload.com/map-australia-powerpoint-template.html

Australia PowerPoint Template

Map set contains New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia and others.

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Asia - Pacific PowerPoint Template

Map of the region "Asia-Pacific" includes all states and capitals (Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and others).