PowerPoint Map Templates – Asia-Pacific

Asia is the largest and most populous continent on the planet. China and India are economic giants that hold political and economic influence on an international level. In addition to Australia and New Zealand, the Pacific is composed of many small island states. The Pacific countries are popular travel destinations and are enjoying growing economies.
Our PowerPoint templates contain maps in varying levels of detail that present the main Asia-Pacific cities, provinces, and regions. Infographics, such as pins or game figures in the national colors, can be used to highlight individual areas and provide unique design options.
The following nations and regions are available as PowerPoint maps:

•    Afghanistan
•    Asia - Pacific
•    Asia - States
•    Australia
•    Brunei
•    China
•    Guam
•    Hong Kong
•    India
•    Indonesia
•    Iraq
•    Iran
•    Japan
•    Yemen
•    Cambodia
•    Caucasus and Central Asia
•    Laos
•    Lebanon
•    Malaysia
•    Middle East
•    Myanmar
•    Middle East
•    New Zealand
•    Oman
•    Pakistan
•    Papua New Guinea
•    Philippines
•    Saipan
•    Saudi Arabia
•    Singapore
•    Sri Lanka
•    South Korea
•    South East Asia
•    Syria
•    Taiwan
•    Thailand
•    United Arab Emirates
•    Vietnam


Japan _https://www.presentationload.com/map-japan.htmlJapan _https://www.presentationload.com/map-japan.html

Japan PowerPoint Template

Map contains Kamikawa, Nakagawa, Abuta, Sorachi, Teshio and others.

79,00 €*
China _https://www.presentationload.com/map-china.htmlChina _https://www.presentationload.com/map-china.html

China PowerPoint Template

Map set comprises Anhui, Beijing, Chongqing, Fujian, Gansu and others.

79,00 €*
India _https://www.presentationload.com/map-india.htmlIndia _https://www.presentationload.com/map-india.html

India PowerPoint Template

Map set includes East India, North India, Northeast India, South India and West India.

59,00 €*
Map Package _https://www.presentationload.com/map-package.htmlMap Package _https://www.presentationload.com/map-package.html

Map Package PowerPoint Template

Extensive map package to design your personal map bundle (highlight your favorite countries and more).

249,00 €*
New Zealand _https://www.presentationload.com/map-new-zealand.htmlNew Zealand _https://www.presentationload.com/map-new-zealand.html

New Zealand PowerPoint Template

Editable 20-Slide Map of New Zealand Divided in Administrative Districts, Provinces and Cities.

59,00 €*
Saudi Arabia _https://www.presentationload.com/map-saudi-arabia.htmlSaudi Arabia _https://www.presentationload.com/map-saudi-arabia.html

Saudi Arabia PowerPoint Template

Set comprises Ha'il, Qassim, Riyadh, Tabuk, Madinah, Makkah and others.

79,00 €*
South Korea _https://www.presentationload.com/map-south-korea.htmlSouth Korea _https://www.presentationload.com/map-south-korea.html

South Korea PowerPoint Template

Contains all districts such as danwon-gu, Sangnok-gu, dongan-gu, Manan-gu, Ojeong-gu, Sosa-gu and others.

0,00 €*
Iran _https://www.presentationload.com/map-iran.htmlIran _https://www.presentationload.com/map-iran.html

Iran PowerPoint Template

Includes provinces such as Tehran, Razavi Khorasan, Isfahan, Alborz, Fars and others.

59,00 €*


Iraq _https://www.presentationload.com/map-iraq.htmlIraq _https://www.presentationload.com/map-iraq.html

Iraq PowerPoint Template

Map includes Dohuk, Erbil, Kirkuk, Saladin, Al Anbar, Baghdad and others.

59,00 €*
Syria _https://www.presentationload.com/map-syria.htmlSyria _https://www.presentationload.com/map-syria.html

Syria PowerPoint Template

Map comprises the state of Aleppo, Damascus, Daraa, Hama, Al-Hasakah and others.

59,00 €*
Asia - Pacific _https://www.presentationload.com/map-asia-pacific.htmlAsia - Pacific _https://www.presentationload.com/map-asia-pacific.html

Asia - Pacific PowerPoint Template

Map of the region "Asia-Pacific" includes all states and capitals (Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia and others).

89,00 €*
Asia _https://www.presentationload.com/map-asia.htmlAsia _https://www.presentationload.com/map-asia.html

Asia PowerPoint Template

Set includes country maps incl. capital cities - New Delhi, Hanoi, Tokyo, Manila, Bangkok, Jakarta, Moscow and others.

89,00 €*
South Asia _https://www.presentationload.com/map-south-asia.htmlSouth Asia _https://www.presentationload.com/map-south-asia.html

South Asia PowerPoint Template

Map consisting out of South Asian and Middle East countries (India, Afghanistan, Pakistan and more).

59,00 €*
Southeast Asia _https://www.presentationload.com/map-southeast-asia.htmlSoutheast Asia _https://www.presentationload.com/map-southeast-asia.html

Southeast Asia PowerPoint Template

South East Asia map contains Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar and others.

59,00 €*
Middle East _https://www.presentationload.com/map-middle-east.htmlMiddle East _https://www.presentationload.com/map-middle-east.html

Middle East PowerPoint Template

Map of the Middle East includes countries such as Kuwait, Iraq, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Syria and more.

79,00 €*
Caucasus and Central Asia _https://www.presentationload.com/map-caucasus-central-asia.htmlCaucasus and Central Asia _https://www.presentationload.com/map-caucasus-central-asia.html

Caucasus and Central Asia PowerPoint Template

Easily adjustable map of the Caucasus and Central Asia with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Usbekistan and more.

59,00 €*
Pakistan _https://www.presentationload.com/map-pakistan.htmlPakistan _https://www.presentationload.com/map-pakistan.html

Pakistan PowerPoint Template

Map includes Punjab, Sindh, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, Balochistan, Azad Jammu, Kashmir and more.

59,00 €*
Malaysia _https://www.presentationload.com/map-malaysia.htmlMalaysia _https://www.presentationload.com/map-malaysia.html

Malaysia PowerPoint Template

Set contains all provinces of Peninsula Malaysia and East Malaysia.

59,00 €*
Philippines _https://www.presentationload.com/map-philippines.htmlPhilippines _https://www.presentationload.com/map-philippines.html

Philippines PowerPoint Template

Set consists out of Calabarzon, National Capital Region, Central Luzon, Western Visayas and others.

59,00 €*
Indonesia _https://www.presentationload.com/map-indonesia.htmlIndonesia _https://www.presentationload.com/map-indonesia.html

Indonesia PowerPoint Template

Map consists out of Sumatra, Java, Lesser Sunda Islands, Kalimantan and others.

59,00 €*
Vietnam _https://www.presentationload.com/map-vietnam.htmlVietnam _https://www.presentationload.com/map-vietnam.html

Vietnam PowerPoint Template

Comprises Red River Delta, North Central Coastal Vietnam, North Eastern Vietnam, Central Highlands and others.

59,00 €*
United Arab Emirates _https://www.presentationload.com/map-united-arab-emirates.htmlUnited Arab Emirates _https://www.presentationload.com/map-united-arab-emirates.html

United Arab Emirates PowerPoint Template

Set consists out of Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Fujairah and others.

59,00 €*
Hong Kong _https://www.presentationload.com/map-hong-kong.htmlHong Kong _https://www.presentationload.com/map-hong-kong.html

Hong Kong PowerPoint Template

Map includes all districts such as New Territories, Kowloon and Hong Kong Islands.

79,00 €*
Australia _https://www.presentationload.com/map-australia.htmlAustralia _https://www.presentationload.com/map-australia.html

Australia PowerPoint Template

Map set contains New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia and others.

79,00 €*

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