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PowerPoint Map Templates – Asia-Pacific

Asia is the largest and most populous continent on the planet. China and India are economic giants that hold political and economic influence on an international level. In addition to Australia and New Zealand, the Pacific is composed of many small island states. The Pacific countries are popular travel destinations and are enjoying growing economies.
Our PowerPoint templates contain maps in varying levels of detail that present the main Asia-Pacific cities, provinces, and regions. Infographics, such as pins or game figures in the national colors, can be used to highlight individual areas and provide unique design options.
The following nations and regions are available as PowerPoint maps:

•    Afghanistan
•    Asia - Pacific
•    Asia - States
•    Australia
•    Brunei
•    China
•    Guam
•    Hong Kong
•    India
•    Indonesia
•    Iraq
•    Iran
•    Japan
•    Yemen
•    Cambodia
•    Caucasus and Central Asia
•    Laos
•    Lebanon
•    Malaysia
•    Middle East
•    Myanmar
•    Middle East
•    New Zealand
•    Oman
•    Pakistan
•    Papua New Guinea
•    Philippines
•    Saipan
•    Saudi Arabia
•    Singapore
•    Sri Lanka
•    South Korea
•    South East Asia
•    Syria
•    Taiwan
•    Thailand
•    United Arab Emirates
•    Vietnam