PowerPoint World Maps and 3D Globes

Browse through a large selection of templates containing custom-designed world maps and globes in various designs. With our interactive maps, you can easily select and feature individual countries or country groups. Our two-dimensional and three-dimensional maps are completely scalable, allowing you to magnify individual regions. Our globe templates provide an innovative way to display a company’s regional expansion. 3D globes offer satellite-style images and outlines, such as national and state borders, and can be used with premade markers. Highlight your company’s growth strategy or present individual business locations with creative maps and globes.

3D World Maps _https://www.presentationload.com/3d-world-maps.html3D World Maps _https://www.presentationload.com/3d-world-maps.html

3D World Maps PowerPoint Template

3D world maps with practical icons and placeholders to present locations and international networks

39,00 €*

 (40 Slides)

Network World Maps _https://www.presentationload.com/network-world-maps.htmlNetwork World Maps _https://www.presentationload.com/network-world-maps.html

Network World Maps PowerPoint Template

Various professional images of world maps in network designs.

39,00 €*

 (44 Slides)

Creative World Maps _https://www.presentationload.com/powerpoint-design-world-maps.htmlCreative World Maps _https://www.presentationload.com/powerpoint-design-world-maps.html

Creative World Maps PowerPoint Template

Large collection of creatively designed world maps with different designs, surfaces and icons.

39,00 €*

 (28 Slides)

World map with selection list _https://www.presentationload.com/world-map-selection-list.htmlWorld map with selection list _https://www.presentationload.com/world-map-selection-list.html

World map with selection list PowerPoint Template

Map contains every country and larger cities on earth which can be edited and highlighted.

89,00 €*

 (16 Slides)

Interactive Worldmap _https://www.presentationload.com/interactive-world-map.htmlInteractive Worldmap _https://www.presentationload.com/interactive-world-map.html

Interactive Worldmap PowerPoint Template

Interactive world maps are displayed by continent and include the possibility to highlight specific countries.

89,00 €*

 (195 Slides)

Map Package _https://www.presentationload.com/map-package.htmlMap Package _https://www.presentationload.com/map-package.html

Map Package PowerPoint Template

Extensive map package to design your personal map bundle (highlight your favorite countries and more).

249,00 €*

 (1 Slides)

World Globes - with countries _https://www.presentationload.com/world-globes-countries.htmlWorld Globes - with countries _https://www.presentationload.com/world-globes-countries.html

World Globes - with countries PowerPoint Template

3D World Globe appearance template serves for a better understanding of the position of countries.

39,00 €*

 (31 Slides)

World Globes - with outlines _https://www.presentationload.com/world-map-globes-with-outlines.htmlWorld Globes - with outlines _https://www.presentationload.com/world-map-globes-with-outlines.html

World Globes - with outlines PowerPoint Template

3D Globe depicts continents and incl. various arrows encompassing the Earth and shows other planets.

19,00 €*

 (32 Slides)


Globe - Europe _https://www.presentationload.com/map-globe-europe.htmlGlobe - Europe _https://www.presentationload.com/map-globe-europe.html

Globe - Europe PowerPoint Template

Map of Europe in globe appearance used for highlighting and pinning various locations.

29,00 €*

 (12 Slides)