8D / 7STEP PowerPoint Presentation

The process model for systematic and sustainable problem solving. 8D stands for 8 steps of this process model and contains a guide that guides you through every problem solution in your company in a structured manner. The 8D / 7Step model is used for problems in which, in addition to sustainable problem elimination, the implementation of immediate measures and the elimination of emergencies are also important. 

It is therefore often used to solve customer complaints, but is also suitable for any other situation in the company. Approaches for 8D can also be found in problem solving as part of product tests, as well as in the case of unplanned plant downtimes or work accidents. In all of these areas, the goal is to eliminate the problems quickly and to avoid the occurrence of similar problems in the long term.

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8D/ 7STEP PowerPoint Template

A comprehensive set of definitions and working templates for the problem-solving methods of 8D and 7STEP.