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PowerPoint Templates – Germany

One of the most populated European countries, Germany boasts the largest national economy in Europe. Our templates contain maps of all states, districts, and regions. Use our pins, markers, and other infographics in Germany’s national colors of red, gold, and black to present your company location and facilities.

In addition to various maps of the entire country, you will find maps of each state and city-state:

•    Baden-Württemberg
•    Bavaria
•    Berlin
•    Brandenburg
•    Bremen
•    Hamburg
•    Hesse
•    Mecklenburg-West Pomerania
•    Lower Saxony
•    North Rhine-Westphalia
•    Rhineland-Palatinate
•    Saarland
•    Saxony
•    Saxony-Anhalt
•    Schleswig-Holstein
•    Thuringia