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PowerPoint Map Templates – Spain

Spain is located on Europe’s Iberian Peninsula and is home to diverse geography and culture. With 46 million inhabitants, Spain is one of the most populous countries in the EU and a major exporter and importer. Cities like Barcelona, Madrid, and Valencia have made Spain one of the top travel destinations in Europe.
These map templates include sets for all of Spain’s regions and provinces. Main cities and important regional centers can be highlighted with uniquely designed pins and markers. Included are maps of provinces, cities and centers, such as:

•    Almeria
•    Andalusia
•    Aragon
•    Asturias
•    Balearic Islands
•    Barcelona
•    Basque Country
•    Bilbao
•    Extremadura
•    Galicia
•    Gijón
•    Granada
•    Cantabria
•    Castile and León
•    Castilla-La Mancha
•    Catalonia
•    La Rioja
•    Madrid
•    Marbella
•    Murcia
•    Navarre
•    Pamplona
•    Salamanca
•    Zaragoza
•    Sevilla
•    Valencia
•    •Vigo