Procurement / Logistics PowerPoint Presentations

Procurement covers all business activities used to purchase materials, services and work equipment required by a company. Logistics means the integrated planning, coordination, implementation and control of all types of transport.

With our PowerPoint templates, you can clearly present your company's long-term supply chain strategy and visualize the individual processes of your procurement logistics.

Supply Chain Management _ Chain Management _

Supply Chain Management PowerPoint Template

Presentation tools such as a SCOR model, roadmap, an organization pyramid and various planning models for supply chain management

Workflow - Bundle _ - Bundle _

Workflow - Bundle PowerPoint Template

Work flow bundle containing the themes of company, logistics, health, construction and IT.

Strategic Sourcing _ Sourcing _

Strategic Sourcing PowerPoint Template

Definitions, checklists, characteristics, advantages, objectives, and processes of strategic sourcing

Outsourcing _ _

Outsourcing PowerPoint Template

Charts and graphs, explanations of the various types of outsourcing, crowdsourcing, provider comparison, KPIs, etc.