Corporate Services
You'll receive customized PowerPoint templates and master slides in your corporate design. Feel free to also choose from our extensive slide library that provides all standard layouts, graphics and charts.
Master templates for PowerPoint
Save time and create convincing presentations that fit your corporate identity. We'll create a master template that works company-wide.
PowerPoint sample slides
We offer a collection of tailor-made sample slides, graphics and charts.
Exclusive PresentationLoad® slide library
By request, we provide our entire slide portfolio. Choose from our range and we'll convert them to your corporate design.

You'll Save up to Hundreds of Hours of Work - Year After Year

You'll save time and money when you don't have to labor over slides. We'll gladly calculate your personal return on investment (ROI). Because at the end of the day, the more time you have for important tasks, the more productive you'll be.

Master templates are designed so only certain sections can be edited, making them a practical tool for employees. Say goodbye to disarranged corporate design elements or inconsistently sized logos. Employees get a professional tool to create more effective presentations.

Your brand design is automatically transferred to all presentations.

Our services: PowerPoint templates

Incorporate master layouts at the highest level with accessible slides, graphics and chart templates.
Professional templates in your corporate design in 4:3 or 16:9 format.
Guaranteed consistent design.
Layouts and
Sample Slides
Custom collection of sample slides, graphics and charts in your design.
slide library
Extensive library with slides and templates from our portfolio.

Does your PowerPoint template need a makeover?

Want to convert old presentations into a new design? No problem. We'll support you in choosing a more efficient process. We can quickly give your existing PowerPoint template a fresh look.

Past and current projects

Our clients

Market leaders and some of the world's best known companies rely on PresentationLoad.


Questions about creating your presentation?

How can we help you? Leave your concept and ideas in our hands. We'll gladly create a presentation in your corporate design based on your wishes. Please don't hesitate to contact us.
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