Four Ideas for Creating Excellent PowerPoint Presentations


How do you design good PowerPoint slides? In other words: How do you create outstanding presentations that are professional and convincing. Here are four ideas on how to do just that.





1. Become a designer yourself – with practice, experience and talent.

No one was born a PowerPoint expert. It takes a lot of practice. After a few years of “trial and error” and hundreds of presentations later, you’ll find your very own style for building and designing presentations. A style that suits your presentation and personality.

Do you see a presentation slide and immediately have 2-3 ideas on how to improve it?  This is because you’ve faced and mastered similar challenges many times before, you have a wealth of creative experience that you can easily tap into. Maybe you’ve chosen a career that allows you to develop your creativity and design talent.





2. Learning from experts through PowerPoint raining and seminars

In the last few years, PresentationLoad has had the pleasure of leveraging over 20 years of professional expertise into hundreds of seminars and teaching over a thousand participants design basics.  You can’ t learn and absorb this know-how in one day. But it helps to have an experienced trainer who knows what is required for corporate presentations and who can put you on the right track.

According to the Pareto principle, 20% of the best tips that make up 80% of a successful presentation. It’s all really easy once someone has shown you.

If you want to learn how to create excellent presentations and charts, check out our other blog articles. You’ll find tips and hacks from design professionals on how to create stunning presentations. Consider our blog your one-stop presentation design resource.





3. Use high-quality PowerPoint templates and ready-made presentations

If you’re pressed for time, there’s a quick solution. Simply provide your company with ready-made templates or building blocks for all relevant business topics and content.

This isn’t a PowerPoint slide master in your corporate design, but rather a toolbox of sample slides that have already been designed and integrated into a PowerPoint template. You can save valuable time and resources by making these available throughout the company – every employee has the opportunity to become a designer.

Thanks to sample slides and mock-ups, everyone has the same visual guide and foundation to create consistent company presentations. Your employees can simply copy an existing sample slide and easily adjust it or add content.

Do you know how much time this can save your employees? They’ll have time to research content, develop the concept and practice their delivery.

And there is still room for creativity in the diversity of your content or the choice of images.

Ready-made image layouts and placeholders mean you don’t have to waste time placing or cropping images and formatting text content and fonts.

Find professional PowerPoint templates and presentations for download on our shop page:

We’ve created a huge selection of presentations and PPT templates that you can download from our website. All of them are fully editable and can be easily adapted to your own design. You can simply create a customized toolbox and slide library for your company.





4. Have your presentations created by a professional PowerPoint agency

Get personal and professional support from a specialized presentation and PowerPoint agency. Not every advertising agency has designers who are familiar with PowerPoint for a Windows PC and who can design and create technically perfect templates and PPT presentations.

If you lack the time or creative skills to design a presentation yourself, you can simply use the experience and know-how of a specialized design agency. As PowerPoint designers, specialists and service providers, the PresentationLoad team will be happy to support you in creating and optimizing your PowerPoint presentations. Through our experience from thousands of company presentations, we know the requirements and solutions for high-quality, convincing business presentations.


A good presentation should be unique and fit like a tailor-made suit!

Your company, your service or product is different from the competition. It’s essential to highlight these differences and advantages from the customer’s point of view in your presentations – both in terms of content and design.

You can find more information about us and our agency here:


Why have your presentation created by a service provider like a PowerPoint agency?

Professional presentations convince your target group, promote your brand image and increase sales figures in direct sales. Hiring a service provider is an investment in your intermediate and long-term success. In addition, it saves your employees’ time and resources which can be invested in your core business and content creation. Designers specialize in design, and salespeople sell better when they can concentrate fully on communicating with their customers.

We can revise your PowerPoint presentation according to your requirements and ideas and visualize even complex interrelationships, processes and strategies in a clear and understandable way with infographics and modern slide layouts. We fully exploit the technical possibilities offered by PowerPoint to create the highest quality and most professional presentations on the market. Our services range from consulting on the right formats and content to the development and design of your business presentations.


Have your PowerPoint presentations created for you.

Our  PresentationLoad agency can easily revise your PowerPoint slides and presentations. Send us your existing presentations and ideas and let us create professional business presentations that fit your company (corporate design) and your target groups (customers). If you wish, we can also create templates and master templates for you, with which you can design uniform presentations quickly. It’s our goal to apply our experience and know-how to bring out the best in your company and sales presentations. We create presentations that make you more successful!