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PowerPoint Icons, Pictograms and Symbols

Here you’ll find a wide selection of icons for your Business PowerPoint presentation. Icons and pictograms are universally recognizable and can reinforce text or replace it altogether. PowerPoint icons help present complex facts simply and clearly. They help audiences intuitively understand connections and processes without the need for a lot of text. This effective way of presenting information is a great way for overcoming language barriers.

Our selection of PowerPoint pictograms and icons are vector graphics that can be scaled to any size without loss of quality. Their  streamlined aesthetics and clean design will add visual appeal to any presentation. They can be used in charts and infographics to clearly visualize and communicate facts and figures.

PowerPoint Icon Templates:

What are PowerPoint icons?

Icons and pictograms are simplified, visual representations of a specific object or situation. You can find many examples of these symbols in everyday life. As traffic signs, they tell us which road may be used and how. Pictograms found on cleaning agents or other chemical substances, tell us what is flammable, corrosive or otherwise hazardous. And in public places, pictograms often tell us where we can find something and where we can do certain things: arrows point the way, a man, woman or wheelchair identify different public restrooms and a crossed-out cigarette tells us that smoking is prohibited.

All these symbols have one thing in common: they are universally understood and make a clear, strong statement. This efficient form of communication is not only extremely useful in everyday life, but also lends itself to situations where conveying information clearly and effectively is essential: in PowerPoint presentations.


An extensive selection of icons and pictograms for your PowerPoint presentations

Compared to clip art or 3D figures, icons look more professional. That's why they have become a standard in modern corporate presentations. PowerPoint pictograms are versatile – our selection includes a wide range of useful PowerPoint icons for various topics.

They are vector graphics that, unlike other file types, can be easily customized and colored. They can be easily scaled in Microsoft PowerPoint without compromising quality.

Our product range includes hundreds of PowerPoint icons for various topics, such as business, science, medicine and social media. Their uniform style guarantees a consistent design in your presentation. And you don’t have to worry about licenses or usage rights; you can use them freely in your PowerPoint presentations and any other Microsoft Office program.


Advantages of PowerPoint icons and pictograms

Many presentations get weighed down with too much text. Visual elements, such as images and graphics, help break up and reduce text. But finding graphics that have the right symbolic content, are cohesive and can be easily integrated into a presentation is not always easy.

Our range of icons and pictograms provide the ideal solution. They are streamlined, coordinated and use clear symbolism. They allow you to reduce text and liven up your PowerPoint slides with simple, yet powerful visuals.


Image vs. text: why visual design is so important

Why should we use visuals in PowerPoint presentations? What's wrong with a lot of text on slides? Indeed, both text and images are visual stimuli but they require our brains to work differently. Written letters are, in principle, nothing more than symbols strung together to form words and sentences. For the brain, assembling and decoding the information they contain means work. Far more work than looking at a picture – which can be intuitively understood, regardless of language, in a fraction of a second.

Using images and symbols makes a presentation both easier to understand and more enjoyable to look at.


Icon vs. clip art: a small but key difference

The terms clip art and icon are often used synonymously. Understandably so – they are similar in terms of their use and purpose, making it hard to distinguish between the two. However, there is a fundamental difference between the two.

Clip art images are a lot like comics and usually provide more entertainment value than substance. On the other hand, icons are sedate and smartly designed, and communicate a clear message.

But the differences don’t stop there. Clip art is typically a bitmap graphic. They lose quality when they’re scaled and they become pixelated and blurred. The icons and pictograms in our range are vector graphics that can be scaled without any loss of quality. Icons in Microsoft PowerPoint are, in a sense, the professional alternative to clip art.


The best way to use icons in PowerPoint

One big advantage of Microsoft PowerPoint icons is that they are easy to understand and uncomplicated to use. So, there aren’t many rules to follow here.

But to give a presentation a clean and cohesive design, the PowerPoint icons need to complement each other and be as uniform as possible. We recommend using a high-quality set of matching icons instead of combining icons from different sources. This also prevents problems with licenses and poor graphic quality.

In addition, PowerPoint icons used in a presentation should support the topic, be clear, unambiguous and easy to understand.