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We have been on the global market for 15 years now.

We are PresentationLoad.

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We are presentation and graphic designers, marketing experts, account managers, online editors, accountants, programmers and numerous freelancers who support you daily with our services.


years of experience as the market leader


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For 15 years, we've been influencing PowerPoint presentation design worldwide.

In 2015, we settled down in the old Dalber-Herding Castle in Nierstein, a city well-known for its viticulture. Previously, we had resided in Mainz, only a few kilometers away.

Although we officially opened our shop in 2006, we have been working with PowerPoint for over 20 years, since version 95. Whether at universities, in businesses or at public events like trade shows or conferences - presentations meet us in every direction. Our goal is to improve the way our clients present with professional PowerPoint templates at the highest level.

For us, a good presentation includes:

Template layouts that perfect the interplay of images and text.

Interesting and convincing content.

Appealing and editable infographics instead of standardized clipart.

Contemporary designs and new trends such as modern flat design.

Based on these aspects, we create presentations that inspire our audience and help communicate relevant information. We are encouraged by the positive feedback from thousands of customers - from small and medium enterprises to worldwide corporations.


"A convincing presentation isn't solely dependent on a great speaker

but also on a professional design and clearly structured templates, with which you can reach your full presentation potential."

Tom Becker-Schweitzer
CEO & founder

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