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Customer Testimonials

This is what customers say about the products and services of PresentationLoad. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. Your opinion is important. Please send us your praise or criticism to helpdesk[@]

As a lecturer and keynote speaker, I really enjoy using your PowerPoint presentations. Your products provide a welcome and creative support in my lectures. The templates are a huge asset to my job and are greatly appreciated by my clients.

  • Dr. oec. Urs Frey
  • Member of the KMU-HSG and CFB-HSG Boards, University of St. Gallen

I absolutely love your product. I'm constantly redesigning PowerPoint presentations for my company's clients and your product has given me so many great ideas on the use of charts, layouts, etc... I really think the templates are a valuable asset to my job.

  • Laurie Quinn
  • Art Director, TMA World, USA

Congratulations on the great quality of your products. I've been a client for over 7 years and during this time, I've been able to purchase and use templates at crucial times during my career. In all occasions, I've received many compliments on the professional and modern look of the slides and have provided many referrals to your site. Keep up the good job.

  • Jose Mussi

You're my secret weapon. For the past 10 or so years I've used PresentationLoad templates. Brilliant. People take for granted that people assign value based on quality of what they see including slides. I've won tens of millions in business using your templates and will continue to do so. Thanks for a great product.

  • Jonathan Eisenzopf
  • Client Principal, Avaya, USA

Thanks for all your great templates - they have saved me lots of time and accelerate my presentations. Great product, keep them up!

  • Chris Cheesman
  • HR Professional

I like your products very much they saved a lot of time and improved our presentation effectiveness and efficiency. I would like to use your products in the future. Please go on make more amazing presentation tools.

  • Ethan Chen
  • Managing Consultant, Freedom System Inc., Taiwan

Excellent selection of choices within your templates. I particularly like the opportunity to change all aspects of these templates, like the background, as well as the text, and being able to move things around.

  • Clive Roach
  • Philips International B.V.

I very much like to use your templates because - well structured and competently visualizing strategic topics as they are - they supply the ideal basis for my own thoughts. Great praise for your new Flat Design templates.

  • Uwe Remppel
  • Managing Director, CAL Consult GmbH, Germany

very good templates as always, simplifying the effort to build professional projects significantly.

  • S. Remmers
  • Schwartauer Werke

The templates of PresentationLoad helped me to save a great amount of time in preparing professional looking slides for internal as well as external presentations. I found particularly useful that the various slides are prepared in a matching style that allows me to combine template packages as required.

  • Moritz v. Soden
  • Global Account Manager, Panasonic Industrial Europe GmbH

I appreciate the services of PresentationLoad very much. I will gladly recommend your company.

  • Sales Director Healthcare Europe
  • Medela AG

You're my secret weapon. For the past 10 or so years I've used PresentationLoad templates. Brilliant. People take for granted that people assign value based on quality of what they see including slides. I've won tens of millions in business using your templates and will continue to do so. Thanks for a great product.

  • Jonathan Eisenzopf
  • Client Principal, Avaya, USA

I have been pursuing an idea for five months and on your website I finally found the suitable representation.

  • Josef-Peter Schachermayr
  • vertriebsleiter, Trauner Druck GmbH & Co. KG

So far everything went really well - many thanks.

  • Samuel Hügli
  • CFO, Ringier AG

ITo depict facts in a way that makes it easy for the audience to conceive and understand the subject swiftly is a challenge. With templates from PresentationLoad, though, that's no problem.

  • Stephan Greb
  • A. G. & P. Unternehmensberatungsgesellschaft mbH

Äußerst schnelle und kompetente Hilfestellung bei anfänglichen - selbstverursachten - Problemen. Besten Dank.

  • Walter Fuchs
  • Bundesministerium für Wissenschaft, Forschung und Wirtschaft, Österreich

SA very aesthetic and professional template, with which presenting is great fun, and with which you can illustrate your results unerringly, straight to the point.

  • Michael Pietsch
  • Kemira Germany GmbH

Can you let the team know that I love your products and to keep up the good work!

  • Sam Hogan
  • Marketing Director

Die Vorlagen sind einfach toll. Ich habe Ihre Agentur daher mit der Erstellung einer neuen Vorlage beauftragt!

  • Magdalena Frey
  • Goodyear

I am an absolute fan of your presentations, as you can see in my purchase order history. I have created an endless number of presentations in my 20 years as executive assistant and have a passion for PowerPoint (professionally and privately). When I found your website by chance I was very delighted. Although I really like to create my own templates and to tinker with them for hours, your highly professional templates save an immeasurable amount of time when it's urgent. I'm also very impressed with the simple and fast order processing and access to your presentations, let alone the large assortment.

  • Yvette Richter
  • Executive Assistant, BBS Automation GmbH

With templates from PresentationLoad, complex facts can be rehashed optimally and presented professionally in a short amount of time. Quite often decisions concerning consulting engagements are made in favor of our company thanks to these templates. In addition, the download platform provides a quick and specific search function as well as a swift and easy transmission of the selected templates. All around a well-made service.

  • Martin Goetze
  • martin goetze+partner

I like the products. Small point, however. I think you want to continually improve, especially if you are a nine Sigma devotee. It would be nice if the improvement was consistent, but getting better is most likely achieved continually; over time. Great products.

  • Paul Buse
  • Cleveland, USA

I've been an IT consultant for a decade, and experienced in making presentations. Fair often I face a need of finding proper styles and symbol set for a particular subject area. This is the first case to me so my dreams can come true. I have never met such excellent product and services so far. Your designs are demanding, and fascinate me a lot. Thank you for this wonderful portfolio and for the samples provided free. Take my congratulation! Keep up this nice road! Wishing further success for year 2010.

  • Peter Füzl
  • Senior IT consultant on IT governance and -architecture

By now our business presentations are no longer conceivable without the graphics of PresentationLoad.

  • Svenja Stifter

Your help and service is highly appreciated. I can ensure you that I plan on buying further product from your company.

  • Gonen Usishkin

Your presentation samples are perfect, save a lot of time and help us to present our ideas in a few minutes.

  • Yasser Salama
  • regional Sales Manager (Mideast)

Thank you very much for all these, im a teacher here in the Philippines, a clinical instructor, im teaching nursing lectures for level III nursing students, and im glad i found your site, im looking for beautiful, stunning and amazing sites where i can have free PowerPoint template to download but to no avail, not until i found your site to which im very glad and happy, im using the old, plain and boring templates for my lectures and my students are getting bored, i can no longer hold their attention to focus especially that nursing subjects is quite hard, the anatomy and microbiology and the medical surgical nursing topics needs a lot of animations and simulations, this freebie is very much well appreciated and i really want to thank you for this great favor, goodluck and more power, some site for templates are very expensive, it'll cost me thousands of pesos here in the philippines, i really can;t afford that's why im searching and im glad i found you, thanks very much and more power, and yap im very excited and very much willing to receive updates, newsletter and more freebies soon, all that will enhance my PowerPoint lectures, thanks again and God Bless! Mabuhay from the Philippines.

  • Jose Marie O. Trangco

For the last 2 years, PresentationLoad has been the only company I have gone to for my PP graphics and will be the only company I go to in the future. The staff at PresentationLoad has consistently delivered quality products for my business presentations at affordable prices. I rely on them to help me deliver a professional and polished look to all of my presentations. Hands down, the staff are the best in the PowerPoint design business.

  • Suzanne Doucet

You can see the love for detail and you really need only half the time for your presentations!

  • Peter Jeffken
  • Account Manager

We are very happy with the diagrams and maps that we purchased. The files are a great time saver and providing inspiration and a basis to build on. Keep up the good work.

  • Kurt Nowak

I am more than satisfied. Unconditionally recommendable!

  • Markus R. Kuennen

As my recent purchases attest, I am very impressed with your collection of PowerPoint shapes and slides. They are useful both as tools for the presentations themselves as well as helping to develop ideas of how information should be presented in the first place. Keep up the great work - they're worth every penny.

  • Paul Lockwood

very impressive designs. Not only do they have a quality product but they will also help with questions. Thanks for the support - it is really great, I recommend it to all busy "business" people.

  • Marco Civeira
  • Marketing Manager

The diagrams from PresentationLoad are simply the best. I am creating PowerPoint presentations for 10 years now as a consultant. They have provided some of the most professional designs I have ever seen in PowerPoint.

  • Serhly Fedirko
  • Consultant

I've purchased your templates for about 2 months ago. Now these are some of the greatest tools I have on hand, all templates are very functional and help to inspire my ideas!

  • Eric Monneret

Developed by talented designers and proven in their work to create stunning presentations!

  • Jørgen Vargervik
  • Stockholm, Norwegen

First class service and a very broad and professional looking variety of graphics and templates.

  • Yves W. Baciaz

Your templates are functionally and easy to use for almost everybody! They added a professional look to my PowerPoint presentations.

  • Daniel James

So glad I came across your site. These Diagrams and Templates are real time savers. I really appreciate it!

  • Gregory Agoston

It's a great help for me to use when I'm creating PowerPoint presentations for my company.

  • Stephanie Hernández

I think PresentationLoad offers a great quality at a fair price. I have used some diagrams for our corporate presentation and saved hours of time to get done.

  • Steffen Eichler

These guys know what servicing the customer is all about! They provided timely responses to my requests for custom designs and delivered beyond my expectations. I was completely satisfied with their quality of service. My presentations are much more compelling and are communicating my messages more clearly because of the graphics provided by PresentationLoad.

  • Patrick Adkisson

The selection of products is mind boggling. I almost don't know where to start. My presentations will all be drastically improved UI's with such quality PowerPoint diagrams.

  • Eric Tholomé

Good quality products at a justifiable price... with so many PowerPoint designers pricing themselves out of the market its good to see presentation load providing excellent themed sets at acceptable prices.

  • Paul d Radu

We like the wide selection of PowerPoint graphics available from PresentationLoad. We've used them for years and continue to develop new presentations using their new sets.

  • Kathleen Smart

Working with PresentationLoad has been a pleasure. We had some adjustments in order. They worked fast and kept at it until we were 100% satisfied.

  • Navaraj Nandra

High-quality slides with several styles to choose from. Being able to slightly modify the vector graphics is a huge plus. Thanks!

  • Marc Howard

Thanks, your products have grown my career greatly! People know instantly when I've been involved in creating a presentation and they often feature a lot of fundamentals from your templates.

  • Peter F.

very good product. I am thrilled!

  • Samuel Villegas
  • CEO, MetagrupoDigital, Venezuela

We are very satisfied with PresentationLoad and have always found suitable presentations so far.

  • Jan Krüger
  • movaio Marketing GmbH