Self Presentation / Self Introduction PPT Templates

Find a wide selection of PowerPoint templates for your self-presentation at job interviews or assessment centers. Professionalize the impression you make by using these PowerPoint templates to round off your personal appearance. Illustrate your career choices, schooling background and soft skills in a clear and vivid style. 

Use the pre-designed PowerPoint example charts and guidelines to create your individual application. A self-presentation needs to be well organized: included should be a cover page, an introduction, a career history, strengths and weaknesses, professional qualifications, training, soft skills, specific characteristics, hobbies, goals, motivation and a summary. Obviously, to create a self-presentation is hard work and time consuming. Many formal details have to be considered: does the structure make sense? Are layout and design appealing? Have I included the right formalities? So why not use our pre-designed templates and only think of the content – not of the form. The templates are already structured and include the frame of a self-presentation. Just download the slides, add text and pictures, and voila – all done!

Self-Presentation - Bundle _ - Bundle _

Self-Presentation - Bundle PowerPoint Template

Bundle of self-presentation templates incl. five self-presentation sets for PowerPoint.

Self-Presentation - Business Man _ - Business Man _

Self-Presentation - Business Man PowerPoint Template

Agenda slide, title slide collection, flag icons, character diagrams and many more templates to create sophisticated self-presnetations.

Self-Presentation - Businesswoman _ - Businesswoman _

Self-Presentation - Businesswoman PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint slides for your self-presentation incl. title slides, detailed character diagrams, skill comparisons and many more job application assistance.

Self-Presentation - Sprinter _ - Sprinter _

Self-Presentation - Sprinter PowerPoint Template

Master your application sprint with professional assistance: character diagrams, career timelines, icon collections, skill templates and other application tools.

Self Presentation Mountaineer _ Presentation Mountaineer _

Self Presentation Mountaineer PowerPoint Template

Set of self-presentation templates with hikers on top of a mountain.

Self-Presentation - Backgrounds _ - Backgrounds _

Self-Presentation - Backgrounds PowerPoint Template

PowerPoint backgrounds for business presentations, job applications and self-presentation portfolios.