Digital Transformation Strategy PowerPoint presentations

The digital transformation or "digital change" describes the continuous process of change based on digital technologies that affects society as a whole and, in economic terms, especially companies. Digital transformation stands for changes and effects on everyday life through the use of digital technologies.  

In the narrower sense, digital transformation is often the process of change within a company triggered by digital technologies or customer expectations based on them. This continuous process has a lasting impact on companies. Areas like Internet of Thins, Big Data, Blockchain, Cloud Services or Social Media have a strong impact on this change. Due to the many influencing factors, the requirements are subject to constant change. Companies have to react to this and change existing processes and replace previous business processes with more efficient and digital processes. With our presentations you can develop your digital strategies for digital transformation and present them clearly.

Digital Transformation _ Transformation _

Digital Transformation PowerPoint Template

Examples, graphics, diagrams, etc. to represent digital transformation processes

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Internet of Things _ of Things _

Internet of Things PowerPoint Template

Extensive information on the Internet of Things processed in a PowerPoint presentation.

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Big Data _ Data _

Big Data PowerPoint Template

Included are various graphics, infographics, charts, definitions, application examples and descriptions of Big Data processes.

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Internet of Things Icon Toolboox _ of Things Icon Toolboox _

Internet of Things Icon Toolboox PowerPoint Template

Icons of everyday and work-related smart devices such as 3D printers, electric cars, VR glasses, computers, and more

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Cloud-Services Graphics _ Graphics _

Cloud-Services Graphics PowerPoint Template

Use cloud service graphics to illustrate global relations, linked working spots, worldwide data access and more.

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Social Media Strategy _ Media Strategy _

Social Media Strategy PowerPoint Template

Job templates and detailed instructions for a successful company presentation on social networks.

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Social Media Templates _ Media Templates _

Social Media Templates PowerPoint Template

Describe social media marketing plan for each individual network, use icons at your disposal.

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Internet of Things Bundle _ of Things Bundle _

Internet of Things Bundle PowerPoint Template

Bundle containing data, facts, numbers, and a wide selection of different icons related to the Internet of Things

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