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Customer Journey PPT Presentation Template

The customer journey map (experience map) is the path your customers typically follow to use various touch points (contact points) on their journey to make a purchase decision. In the customer journey map you visualize this route as a process or flowchart. Buyers and consumers need multiple points of contact with your product or brand before deciding on an action. A purchase does not take place the first time when the consumer recognizes your product. 

At the very beginning of the customer journey, he will first find out about your product and product features. Once a bond and trust have been built up later, the purchase decision is easier. The so-called interaction points can take place online and offline in different media. The advantage of online marketing lies in the traceability of the customer trip through the tracking of website visitors. Contact points here are e.g. Blogs, experience portals, manufacturer sites, banners or other advertising media and campaigns. The goal of customer journey mapping is to find out more about the behavior of your own customers and to make the contact points involved visible. It can also be used to analyze the context in which certain touchpoints interact with one another and positively influence conversions.