Project Management PPT Templates

Project management is broken down as a management task into project definition, project implementation and project completion with the aim of correctly planning and controlling all projects. The goal of good project management is to take advantage of opportunities and limit risks so that project goals can be achieved on time and within the planned budget.

Organize project plans, status updates, processes, and project goals with our project management templates. The Gantt Diagram Template is perfect for presenting project steps and timetables, while our Business Planning Bundle provides a comprehensive collection of professional slides on project planning. You will also find templates for agile management, SCRUM, process management, and change management. Different visualization models – flow process charts, timelines, activity charts, and more – help to delineate your project concept. Manage every phase of your project with well-structured and efficiently communicated presentations.

Project Management Office (PMO) _ Management Office (PMO) _

Project Management Office (PMO) PowerPoint Template

Charts, information, facts and figures about the project management office (PMO)

Project Management Toolbox _ Management Toolbox _

Project Management Toolbox PowerPoint Template

An updated and improved toolbox with project-specific templates, diagrams and descriptions for your project management.

Project Management Basic Toolbox _ Management Basic Toolbox _

Project Management Basic Toolbox PowerPoint Template

Risk matrices, Gantt charts, diagrams, organizational charts, cockpit charts and many more for a fundamental equipment on project management.

Project Status Report _ Status Report _

Project Status Report PowerPoint Template

Collection of timelines, dashboards, graphics, and diagrams to plan and organize your project

Scrum Toolbox _ Toolbox _

Scrum Toolbox PowerPoint Template

Set includes a variety of SCRUM tools like Product Backlogs, Burndown Charts, development tools, checklists and more.

Agile Project Management _ Project Management _

Agile Project Management PowerPoint Template

Agile project management tools: definitions, agile roadmaps, agile methods, the agile manifesto and many more.

Project Timelines _ Timelines _

Project Timelines PowerPoint Template

Gantt Charts timelines designed for the illustration of projects (time can be shown in weeks, months, years).

Roadmapping _ _

Roadmapping PowerPoint Template

Different compositions of timelines, Gantt charts and illustrations for successful project planning.



Flow Chart - Toolbox _ Chart - Toolbox _

Flow Chart - Toolbox PowerPoint Template

Document complex processes - includes various shapes on diagrams (e.g. hexagons, circles, diamonds etc.).

Mountain Path Images _ Path Images _

Mountain Path Images PowerPoint Template

Photo backgrounds of mountain landscapes as well as icons, infographics and pictures related to hiking and mountaineering

Agile Management Bundle _ Management Bundle _

Agile Management Bundle PowerPoint Template

Bundle incl. the SCRUM toolbox, Agile Management and Agile Markting slides: graphs, tables, process flows and more.

Business Planning Bundle _ Planning Bundle _

Business Planning Bundle PowerPoint Template

Create project schedules, product processes, assign tasks, and clarify coherences with various outlines.