Finance & Accounting

Discover ideal PowerPoint templates to illustrate and analyze your key figures and data from areas such as commerce, and financial planning and controlling. Ready-made tables and diagrams that can be linked or embedded with Excel data are excellent for editing and clearly presenting numbers and facts. Cockpit charts allow you to evaluate and compare different KPIs. You will also find various monetary and financial graphics in flat design to delineate and convey financial concepts.

Financial Report _ Report _

Financial Report

An extensive set containing templates and various presentation examples of financial reports.

69,00 €*

 (108 Slides)

Cockpit Charts _ Charts _

Cockpit Charts

Present data in a clear and compact form with the help of metrics (KPI cockpit / IT dashboard / scorecard).

79,00 €*

 (56 Slides)

Enterprise Resource Planning _ Resource Planning _

Enterprise Resource Planning

Representations and information on various ERP systems and implementation processes

79,00 €*

 (96 Slides)

Gap Analysis _ Analysis _

Gap Analysis

Information and graphics for gap analysis and the Servqual model in one set

49,00 €*

 (40 Slides)

Marketing-Controlling _ _


Charts, diagrams, definitions, checklists and examples of the most important functions and tools of marketing controlling.

49,00 €*

 (32 Slides)

Waterfall Diagrams _ Diagrams _

Waterfall Diagrams

20-Slide waterfall diagrams PowerPoint Set: financial information clearly and comprehensively arranged.

29,00 €*

 (20 Slides)

Pie Chart Toolbox _ Chart Toolbox _

Pie Chart Toolbox

Pie charts with all different sizes of segments with text holders for data or descriptions.

39,00 €*

 (52 Slides)

Datadriven PowerPoint Tables _ PowerPoint Tables _

Datadriven PowerPoint Tables

Attractively present sums and calculations in data driven tables.

49,00 €*

 (40 Slides)


Tables _ _


Contains various table charts which can be used e.g. for the presentation of marketing or sales facts and figures.

39,00 €*

 (28 Slides)

Break-Even Analysis _ Analysis _

Break-Even Analysis

Get to know our break-even analysis charts to display the break-even point of your production.

29,00 €*

 (19 Slides)

Flat Design – Financial Concepts _ Design – Financial Concepts _

Flat Design – Financial Concepts

Illustrations of hands holding cash and using calculators

39,00 €
19,00 €*

 (36 Slides)

Financial Trading Icons 3D _ Trading Icons 3D _

Financial Trading Icons 3D

Utilize significant financial trade symbols on designed layouts (e.g. barrel of oil, stack of coins, an ATM machine etc.).

9,00 €*

 (12 Slides)

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