Change Management PPT Presentation Templates

Companies today must continually adapt their strategies and processes to changing market and technology conditions. Our Change Management collection offers you an extensive range of professional PowerPoint templates to optimally present evolving market demands and your future strategies.

Illustrate your change strategy approach using a variety of different graphics, or schedule your change management processes with our Timeline Bundle. In addition, our Digital Transformation template provides an ideal foundation to illustrate how you can adapt to ongoing digitalization and to present your innovation strategies with professionally designed models.

Change Management Bundle _ Management Bundle _

Change Management Bundle PowerPoint Template

Collection of graphics, icons, models and information on change management.

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Change Management _ Management _

Change Management PowerPoint Template

Change management templates with various features - change management effects, external triggers and more.

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Change Management Models _ Management Models _

Change Management Models PowerPoint Template

Extensive collection of 84 change management models

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Change Management Plan _ Management Plan _

Change Management Plan PowerPoint Template

Cost analysis, implementation plan, communication plan, change strategy and more

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Change Management Guide _ Management Guide _

Change Management Guide PowerPoint Template

Communication strategy, role allocation, Kotter’s 8 Steps of Change and other tools to manage change processes

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Change Management Graphics and Icons _ Management Graphics and Icons _

Change Management Graphics and Icons PowerPoint Template

Graphics and icons to illustrate change and transformation

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Change Management Pictures _ Management Pictures _

Change Management Pictures PowerPoint Template

Photos and images, such as arrows or falling dominoes, to illustrate change management.

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Free PowerPoint Quotes - Change _ PowerPoint Quotes - Change _

Free PowerPoint Quotes - Change PowerPoint Template

Encourage advancements with quotes on change and change management.

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Transformation Map _ Map _

Transformation Map PowerPoint Template

Set of transformation maps to display plans and strategies during periods of growth, change, development and more.

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Digital Transformation _ Transformation _

Digital Transformation PowerPoint Template

Examples, graphics, diagrams, etc. to represent digital transformation processes

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Innovation Management - Toolbox _ Management - Toolbox _

Innovation Management - Toolbox PowerPoint Template

Display and enforce innovation models and strategies by using strategy tools such as market positioning matrix, PIMS model and much more.

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Innovation Creativity Bundle _ Creativity Bundle _

Innovation Creativity Bundle PowerPoint Template

Infographics, charts, tables, worksheets and various tools made for efficiently implementing concepts.

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Timeline Templates Bundle _ Templates Bundle _

Timeline Templates Bundle PowerPoint Template

Set includes extensive mix of timeline templates (incl. arrows, images, project management timelines and more).

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